Jesus supposedly redeemed us by his death on the cross

Redemption implies that Jesus has taken away our sins by getting them forgiven and by doing good in their place. He even gives the gift of repentance if we want it. If we repent we are forgiven. Now he helps us heal the spiritual damage the sins have done. Redeemed fixes the sins so they are put in the past through being forgiven. It also fixes your attachment to evil.

The problem with forgiveness is if you make a mistake or do something malicious you cannot really go back and undo it. It will have consequences. It says something about you even if you repent. You will always be the child killer even when redeemed. And there is a suspicion about redemption. It only makes sense if you are sure the person really has a God working on them. If they are left to their own resources then it is amnesty not redemption that is happening.

The other issue is that the damage done is still there and cannot be undone. Moving on and forgiving cannot fix it but can only stop it doing more harm. They imply hate for what has been done. If hypothetically the bad or redeemed person could be removed from existence as in now they have never been so that somebody better would be alive instead people would agree to that. That is a sublimated form of hate. Hating the evil is hating the person who caused the evil.

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