When a Holy Book records somebody's evil deed unnecessarily it is certainly trying to honour it with a memorial!

The Bible and the Koran love evil stories and have evil laws from God.

Recording something is not necessarily glorifying it. It is possible that an account of bad behaviour that makes no moral comment on it is glorifying it – we cannot see the authors intention and he may have failed to get the intention across. So the Bible then might be glorifying things such as the rape of Tamar. When a book claims to be the word of God it cannot go on and on forever so the book has to be selective of stories. Stories could be selected when space is a problem because the author glories in the evil in the story.  He wants to normalise evil.  If a book is not saying, "Go and do this evil" it is still not saying, "Don't do it."  It could be trying to put the evil in our head so that we will do it.

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