The Real Self is the Real You

The False Self is,

-When you want things and do not know why you want them.

-When you believe that your beliefs are part of what you are.

-When you engage in antisocial or criminal or vicious activity.

-When you believe that your feelings are you or a part of you.

-When you believe that your thoughts are you or part of you.

-When you living in the future and not in the now.

When a person decides to commit suicide they think they cannot live no longer with themselves. They do not see that it is the False Self that they cannot live with. They have not, because of society, culture and religion, been given any tools to free themselves from the False Self. They have been murdered by error.

Our feelings mislead us and lie to us a lot. But if the sense of the Real Self increases and the False Self decreases our feelings will soon be able to do the thinking for us. We can follow our feelings and our hearts with confidence. This is the most emotional and delightful insight that has ever graced the planet.

Even reading this and understanding it makes one feel that there is a means where one can be freed from suffering. If one does not put it into practice, one has the consolation of having the tools to do so. We also see that when somebody says that the thing that has cause the most suffering for human beings is human beings they are being inaccurate. It is not people as they really are that hurt but the False Selves. Then we understand better.

If I do not know why I want say a certain job, I may only imagine I want the job. Maybe I only think I want it when the truth is I don't. I need to know why I want the job because only that will tell me if I really want it. Don't ask yourself, "Do I really want this job?" Ask yourself, "Why do I want it? How will getting the job fulfil me?" The first shows more concern for the job than for yourself . The second focuses on you. You are more important than any job. Asking the why is affirming that your needs are paramount in this issue. Asking anything else is denying this and is a harmful attitude. Asking anything else is failure in getting to know your real self.

Let the real you shine! Then you are able to offer yourself to others. Until that is done you cannot. You only offer them the illusion. Your love for others and yourself will then depend on what you are. You will become love. You will give love freely and without conditions.

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