A child is not a possession and so it is nonsense to say that one has a right to have a child. One has a right not to be stopped from having a child if one is a suitable parent and wants a child. Nobody has the right to bring a child into the world when it will or probably will inherit a terrible disease. It is wrong to say that children who have not been conceived have a right to be made because that would be saying it is wrong not to have as many children as possible and whoever does not exist yet has no rights yet. You are not doing anybody any harm by not conceiving them.

Rights are inseparable from duties. If you have a duty to pay your staff then they have the right to get money from you and the right to make you part with it.
Couples must plan their families well and use contraception carefully though Roman Catholicism says where a man pushes in it is a duty to have a child to push out. They are saying the parents have a right and duty to have an unwanted child when they have intercourse. Also God is thought to have a right to produce a child through the parents which is why contraception is banned for Catholics. The child is thought to be God’s possession. This has all the bad effects that parents thinking they possess their children has. Treating the child as somebody else’s possession is no better than doing it yourself. The concept of God destroys the good we want to bring about by denying that children are possessions that any person has a right to have.

If a woman wants to have a child without a man in her life that is her business and she is not doing anything wrong. Children do need contact with men but not necessarily fathers.

The family should avoid narrow-mindedness and ignorance at all costs for they are threats to its cohesion. It should be bound by unconditional love and all should feel that they can confide in one another.

Affection is the most important thing one can give one’s child and spoiling is no substitute and should be avoided. When a child is disciplined it should be made clear that it is done in love. Children who are allowed to get away with too much will be set in their ways forever for the early years determine what the will turn out like as adults. Looking the other way will be taken as approval and so it is. But there is a difference between rational discipline and being too harsh. Children should not be hit for that is just teaching them that violence against the smaller person is okay and the hypocrisy of condemning wife-beating and allowing the hitting of children will make them angry – perhaps even scar them for life. There are alternatives. The Bible however wants them to be well beaten (Proverbs 23:13-14) as do the more honest Christians (Correction and Discipline of Children, John R Rice).

Praise your children to others and in their presence. You are not saying you have made them good but that they are good so there is no shame in it.

Education is the best thing a child can have. The parents must take care of it as well as the teachers.

Each family should be part of a bigger worldwide family united in peace.
Each Church seeks babies to be baptised into its creed and then when the baby is older the indoctrination of the impressionable starts. This is child abuse. The religion doesn’t care about what is best for the child but about brainwashing the child. Children should be taught about right and wrong and how to help others in a general way. There is no need for them to be brainwashed with nonsense about priests having magic powers, and God being three persons and books that God wrote through men. There is especially no need for them to be exposed to vicious nonsense that sinners go to hell to burn forever and that Christians should die rather than renounce their faith. And no need for them to be taught superstitions like a God that won’t forgive sins until a sinner confesses to a priest. Then one who is just barely repentant gets forgiveness from a priest and somebody that is more repentant than them doesn’t get it just because they can’t find a priest? Why should the children be baptised into one faith and not another? Baptism is just a scam to turn them into narrow minded people who think that their religion is right and the others are wrong just because they were baptised into that religion. The Catholic Church urges the Protestant to insult their conscience by agreeing in a mixed marriage with a Catholic to bring all the children up as Catholics knowing full well that if you have a faith and you think it's right you will feel a duty to share it with your children.

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