Raelians believe that aliens who have achieved godlike powers through science are looking after us and have made us.
In a letter from Moya Henderson of the Irish Raelian Movement dated 23/02/94 she responded to my objection to the existence of the Elohim on the grounds that the problem of evil worked against them as against God. I stated that the Elohim should be able to cure those who oppose Rael. She answered that people who don’t want to be cured can’t be cured and that those who are sick may not accept that they are sick. She said the Elohim want us to learn for ourselves. But you only let people learn for themselves if you can’t do any better. The Elohim told Rael that anybody showing signs of becoming evil or sick is instantly treated in their world. She said that people dying accidentally in sport is not unlawful killing for I stated that it was hypocritical to allow dangerous sports that could kill and forbid participation in war for allowing such sports is to cause death somewhere down the line. If it is bad to participle in war then life comes first and this principle is undermined by allowing sports that could kill. These sports are not necessary and that is why they should not be.

I argued that the Elohim should put a force-field around babies to save them from being battered and hurt. She replied that man will never learn that it is wrong to abuse if this is done. But the field would not be put around the babies if it were right to abuse them. And everybody knows the abuse would be wrong. Even if the Elohim let us hurt adults that is different for adults can bring good out of what happened to them but babies cannot. The Elohim are as bad as the baby-beater.

I had written to her that the Elohim were dishonest because they appeared in apparitions interpreted to be of Jesus and Mary for example. She stated that human beings were too conditioned to see that the persons they saw were not Mary and Jesus so they deceived themselves and it was not the Elohim’s fault. Then why did a female Elohim appear to St Bernadette at Lourdes dressed as the Virgin Mary and use a rosary and defend the sinless conception of the virgin? These apparitions increased faith in the spiritual God the Elohim says does not exist and so decreased in many the likelihood that they could believe in the Elohim instead if they heard of them. The telepathy the messenger used to make Rael buy the Bible should be used to make the world open to the gospel according to the Elohim (page 9).

An information letter she sent me in 1993 says that the movement has over 50,000 members all over the world and it grows by 30% every year. Yet this leaflet which I received in 1998 and which came with an advertisement for The Final Message published that year states that the membership is 28,000 in 40 countries. There is a serious discrepancy in all this. Is the movement truthful?

A leaflet I received says that even if Rael or the Elohim make a request that is against your conscience that you should not obey it.

Rael was even quoted as saying that even if all humanity could be saved by the death of one peaceable person that person should not be killed and that one good person is worth more than humanity. But the person would be neither peaceable nor good if he consented to be saved. This is pacifism at its worst and this hyper-pacifism is a form of hypocrisy too. The very reason we take so long with our courtships or at least should is because it is so hard to really know anybody for it is in everybody’s best interest to act good even if he or she is not good inside. I’d sacrifice the good person for humanity for maybe the person is not that good. And Rael has forgotten that it is better for one good person to die than for all humanity to be destroyed for that destruction would entail the deaths of innocent precious babies who have done nobody any harm.

His view that tolerance is not enough and that we must encourage other people to be different if that is their nature is good.

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