The French cult leader, Claude Rael, claims to have received messages from extra-terrestrials called the Elohim, which he says denotes “those who came from the sky”, who purport to have scientifically made the human race. He founded the Raelian Movement which apparently has 40,000 members in 80 countries (page 11 and 197, The Final Message, Tagman Press, London, 1998)
The foundational doctrine of Raelianism is that an Embassy must be created in Israel where the spacemen can meet with us in peace.

Rael got a new message on December 13, 1997 which is in the book, The Final Message. In it the Elohim say they love all people but the Raelians are dearest to them. They complained about the authorities in Jerusalem not given them a site for the Embassy and granting the site extra-territorial status. They said they chose Jerusalem for the Embassy because they appeared there before and it was of sentimental value for them. This contradicts their claim that they were the gods reported by the pagan religions and they did not appear as much there as they do in other places. They say they appeared to Joseph Smith the founder of the Mormons so why don’t they have their Embassy in Palmyra in Upper State New York for Smith had more visions than took place in Jerusalem? Why did the Elohim tell Smith that Independence, Missouri was to be the New Jerusalem next the old one? The Elohim can’t make up their minds about anything. The Elohim then stated that Israel was getting its last chance and that if nothing was done the Embassy will be constructed in another place (page 203). One would think that with their power and the fact that political status is dependent on luck and pulling strings that the Elohim could have pulled a couple so as to have the right people running Israel who would let the cult build.

The Elohim said, “The hour of our Great Return is near and we will support and protect the most devoted ones among you. Your enemies will increasingly see our all-powerful arm strike them, particularly the usurper of Rome, his bishops and all those who act in our name without our mandate” (page 203).

Why then can’t they do anything about the Israeli authorities who won’t let Rael build the Embassy near Jerusalem?

Rael is described as the Way, the Truth and the Life (page 203). It should be that the Elohim are the Way, the Truth and the Life for Rael is only a messenger. The Bible stresses that revelation should not glorify the prophet but the one who uses the prophet to speak through.

And the Elohim state that Buddhism is closest to Raelianism and even that Buddhism stripped to the essentials is Raelianism and that therefore Raelianism will be most popular among Buddhists (page 203). This is totally wrong for original Buddhism repressed the desires of the flesh and never spoke of aliens and spaceships and its Nirvana is a mystical state beyond all our comprehension and full of paradoxes or contradictions while Raelianism boasts that it offers no mystical and religious paradoxes.

The more Raelians love Rael the more they love the Elohim and that nobody can turn against Rael without being unloving towards the Elohim (page 204). They even present Rael as a mediator who persuades them to forgive what they find unforgivable. Rael then is taking religious devotion to himself and trumpeting his own importance. I know this because if he were humble and the Elohim were sensible they would say that Rael should be loved as all people should be loved for the Elohim love all and are hurt if we do not do this. They should stress that Rael’s teaching is more important than Rael. The Elohim irrationally value Rael more than anybody else when he can claims he persuade them to forgive.  But the Elohim say that anybody who sincerely prays to God prays to them so the world prays for mercy.  So Rael's input isn't needed at all.

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