The French cult leader, Claude Rael, claims to have received messages from extra-terrestrials called the Elohim, which he says denotes “those who came from the sky”, who purport to have scientifically made the human race. He founded the Raelian Movement which apparently has 40,000 members in 80 countries (page 11 and 197, The Final Message, Tagman Press, London, 1998). While his Raelian Movement’s opposition to the concept of a supernatural God is uplifting we rationalists cannot accept the revelations of his aliens as authentic. The errors in them that tell us not to can be read in Rael’s fascinating book, The Message Given to Me by Extra-Terrestrials. Let us look at the errors. The sect declared toward the end of 2002 that it had succeeded in making the first human clone which it called Eve. The fact that such a thing would be announced alone proves that the Elohim evilly approve of cloning despite the dangers for the child born this way.

It is interesting that the Elohim couldn’t find anybody more worthy of credence than a journalist. Their scanners must have broken down. One witness is not good enough for there are plenty of groups that claim to have a message from aliens and to have gone riding in a spaceship. We know we should be ready to believe two people more than one. Despite their allegedly vast intelligence the Elohim have not grasped this! Yet they formed the Jewish religion which teaches that at least two independent and good witnesses are needed before a report can be trusted (Deuteronomy 17:6).

The alien messenger told Rael to tell the world about the Elohim so that the aliens could see from its reaction if it was time to descend openly on earth and meet everybody (page 10, 68, The Message Given to Me by Extra-Terrestrials). Clearly, the Elohim think the whole world could be nice to them which is mad. Why didn’t they make people intelligent enough to believe that they made us all and love us so that thing would run smoothly? The Elohim don’t know that it is one thing for Rael to make the world happy at the thought of aliens landing but another for them to come. Faith is comforting as long as it remains faith. People might panic when they see it is not just a consoling belief anymore but a fact that could result in invasion or planetary catastrophe.

The aliens say we already know how to see how people will take things through psychology (page 110). Why don’t they use one of their super-computers to test us all instead of relying on Rael? Why don’t they cure us of the evil that could make us turn on them and revile them if they return? Why don’t they give us the instant education through injecting brain matter which they do to one another (page 132) so that we can have the intelligence to be positive towards them? Raelians would say we could be too dangerous if we knew too much about science but they don’t have to tell us all. They can still use their miracle science to make sure we don’t abuse the wisdom.

The Elohim stupidly express their fear that earth-people will scientifically progress until they are able to conquer the Elohim! Beings with better machines than ours can do plenty to hinder or slow the pace of this progress so they couldn't possibly have said that they were afraid. Rael made up this message and he and all the eggheads who believe in him show that they are not so smart after all. Page 11 of The Message Given to Me by Extra-Terrestrials even says that the alien told Rael that he would tell him nothing about his home planet for fear of earth people. The aliens take two months to reach us on their space-ships (page 99). They could make force-fields to protect their planet and act to prevent us getting through them or knowing how to. They could let us progress all we want as long as they are safe. But they say they won’t. Why are they so scared of us when they are 25, 000 years ahead of us in scientific knowledge? The reason is that Rael had to come up with a reason for why we never see them.

The alien also told Rael not to bring anything metallic with him and to tell nobody so that they could meet the next day (page 14). The alien does not know that there is metal in the human body. And they were standing in a volcanic crater which should have had plentiful traces of metal. The messenger said that he would never meet with Rael against if he told anybody. But did it really matter if he told one or two people as long as he visited the messenger alone?

Page 118 says the aliens will never help Rael openly for that would prove their existence to the sceptics which they do not want for scepticism is often aggressive. This follows the old stereotype that sceptics are bent on sticking by their rejection of certain beliefs at any cost. The Raelians are guilty of this aggression themselves for if they thought more and were open-minded they would not be Raelians. They plan to appear some day and there will always be sceptics on the earth. Rael and his Elohim seem to think that nearly everybody on earth is going to become Raelian.

The Elohim say that they can cure violent and jealous urges which ensures the absence of crime on their planet (page 127) and this ought to be done (page 259). The Raelian suggestion that the Elohim can’t cure bad people on earth because they don’t want to be healed is farcical. When they need curing and don’t want it their refusal is invalid for it is a symptom of mental sickness too. And if the treatment works why not give it when it will put them in their right mind and they will be glad you did it. Why put their little opposition before all the long-term consent they will give later? What about the people they will hurt? Don’t they count? Most criminals hanker after liberation from their faults but nobody comes down in a flying saucer to offer any help. Suggestion can be used to get a person to agree to what they wouldn't agree to without it of their own free will.

If the Elohim are too busy they could send those biological robots of theirs that they brag about to do it for them. These robots could feed the starving in the Third World and especially if the Elohim are as concerned about free will as they pretend to be for only a few are letting this happen and most of us and none more so than the victims want it stopped.

The Elohim are evil for idly looking on as Hitler went about his wicked work. Remember, the objections to the goodness of God work against the idea of any kind of being that has powers we can only wish for.

The Elohim enjoy barbaric sports. Participants must abide by the curious rule prohibiting their being restored to life if they are killed (page 130). The excuse that violence is necessary to evade mental breakdowns is unacceptable if they can cure evil. Only a few might need to bash up people and our reason and laws all say that nobody needs to. But anyway, if the Elohim have the technology to cure bad tendencies they can make all the same way.

Rael allows very violent sports for those who need them (page 261). But violent people can change through practicing love and indulging in meditation and getting a reason not to be violent that makes them glad not to be.

The Elohim reveal that every atom is full of little planets and is a universe or solar system or whatever. There is life on many of them. See page 190 and see The Final Message page 14 of Anthony Grey’s introduction. So, burning your paper or exploding nuclear bombs must be mass murder. How the Elohim can expect us to be moral with a doctrine like that proves that Rael either imagined or made up his revelations.

The Elohim ascribe vice and badness to disorders of the mind – across the board to justify love of enemies (The Message Given to Me by Extra-Terrestrials, page 258). They must have caught the bug when they threatened evildoers with severe and eternal punishment.

The Elohim say that they live a long time but only let some live forever if they are geniuses (page 125). This limit is made to prevent overpopulation. But they have the science to turn any planet into a paradise and there is no shortage of planets.

The Elohim advocated the wearing of a medal like a Star of David with a swastika in it (page 192). This symbol had to be replaced without a swastika because of the Nazi connotations. One would think that the Elohim should have realised that the symbol would not be taken too well in the first place!

Against realism the Elohim forbid going to war against unjust aggressors (page 195). They are living at the tops of ivory towers that are tall enough to stretch from here to the moon. Then hypocritically, Raelians are instructed to get involved in helping in war in ways that don’t involve killing, perhaps by doing office work or something (page 246). It cannot be wrong to kill and then to help others to kill by helping war.

Teaching children about sex and how to enjoy it and about masturbating is encouraged on (pages 233, 234). I find that disturbing.

Babies conceived by accident must be aborted for the child will never reach its full potential when it was not wanted at the time of conception (page 237). This is nonsense and the mother can adjust and welcome the baby. No cut-off point when abortion would be wrong and murderous is given implying it can be done anytime. What business have the Elohim giving a command like this when they refuse to prove that they spoke to Rael? It could be the unlawful killing of a human life.

Rael permits killing animals for food but they must not suffer (page 248). But death is painful. He says that plants suffer the same way as we do (page 249). Science disproves this which shows how little respect he has for it. It makes cruelty of cutting a tree so why does he judge people who do that? Meat eating is allowed (page 249). A real message from benevolent beings would tell us to eat meat if we have to and then to eat chickens and fish and other lower animals. To eat the higher animals is bad because they are more likely to be conscious beings.

The stupidity of the book is apparent when it says in the discussion of sensual meditation which involves sexual activity and romantic love and indulgence that you should be happy if the person you love loves somebody else and then there is the sinister idea that rejecting somebody who wants to make you happy is wrong even if they do not appeal to you. This seems to suggest that you should let them have sex with you (page 256-7). Jealousy is inevitable with falling in love. Rael is right however that the jealously is about the fear that some other person will make your partner happier than you can. This shows the hypocrisy and satanic nature of the Christian Church which hallows love. But Rael's aliens should be able to draw the inevitable conclusion that falling in love is immoral. Yet their promotion of love attacks this idea.

Page 248 wants science to start on making the biological robot do all our work leaving us to have a good time. But if the Elohim are so anxious that this be done why don’t they tell us how to make one? To make one would bring us a lot closer to the Elohim for super-science. Thought they didn’t want that!

Page 252 prescribes a prayer to the Elohim which says among other things that I love all people Elohim for they are made in your image. That is unintelligible when the Elohim are just ordinary beings who happen to have developed a super-science. They might have made us but they are not that special. Our own parents are better for at least we know them and know they exist.

Page 273 says that the Elohim do not intervene in our affairs unless somebody lies saying he has met them and/or got a message from them and they will make his life unbearable. Why don’t they stop such a person before he does any damage or at least send light into those who are thinking about his teaching? Priests all claim to have got a message from God that Romanism is true and most of them live like royalty.

The book says that telepathy with the aliens is possible and desirable. Yet it ridicules magic. If hidden forces exist to make telepathy possible then why can’t ones exist to make magic work? Magicians don’t all believe that magic is supernatural or from God but some say that it is the activity of natural forces that have not been discovered yet. The Raelians should be able to refute all magical claims before they cast aspersions on magic but they are not.

The writings of Rael are filled with very numerous absurdities that indicate where the messages really came from. Rael did not encounter any otherworldly beings for they would not have made such inexcusable blunders. His stories of encounters with aliens and getting messages and being taken to their planet is a pack of lies. No sufficient reason is given why we should heed his often irresponsible doctrines.

The Elohim just dropped the concept of God in the chapter Neither God or Soul composing the book, The Extra-Terrestrials took me to their Planet. The Elohim denied the existence of God but when God is immaterial how could they possibly know? They ignore philosophy which alone can settle the question. They are oblivious to the arguments of St Thomas Aquinas for the existence of God. Nobody has the right to say that there is no God without looking at the arguments first. The same chapter says that there was no beginning meaning that time always existed. But just like you can’t get to the end of time if it does not end you will not get to the beginning of time if you go back in time for there is no beginning. Then how did you get to the present moment if there is an infinity of moments before that? The idea of time makes no sense without time having an origin.
The Raelians cannot use the problem of evil to refute God because that would do away with the Elohim as well. The Elohim want to come first and to be obeyed for their own sake and because they are our creators but the fact as that each individual person comes first in his or her own life for that person is not as sure of the existence of anything outside himself or herself as he or she is of his or her own existence.

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