A miracle is an act of God that is not naturally possible such as a man rising from the dead. Only the supernatural can do it.
God is not really God unless he can cause something where there was nothing - eg life where there was only death. But there is no way to tell if a miracle probably involves anything being created from nothing. You have no way of showing that something probably came from nothing. You are left guessing.
Miracle believers are dishonest. They do not care if somebody comes back from the dead without a God being involved. They do not even investigate bricks that supposedly float in mid-air. They only care if something supernatural happens that they can use to argue, "God did this to show us our faith is true and right."
Too many confuse unexplainable with inexplicable. Something that looks like a miracle may have a natural explanation that we cannot or do not know of. "There is no natural explanation. I do not understand this occurrence therefore it is a miracle and there is no point in looking for a natural explanation" is irrational. Another way it is irrational is that it leads to you not looking for an explanation.
Miracle tales always boil down to what witnesses say. We are told that if we will not believe any witnesses to miracles then there is no point in believing anybody with anything. But it is irrational to tell people that x is true for the consequences of not believing x are bad. And miracles are so uncommon and odd that we can get by perfectly well without believing any reports.
There are things we cannot be expected to believe without hard evidence regardless of how good the testimony is. If miracles and magic don't fall into that category then nothing does. If we cannot be expected to believe in them, people must not promote belief in them. It demeans us. 
Miracle tales that tell us we are obligated to believe their message are absolutely not to be entertained at all. That would be compounding the irrationality and showing a lack of integrity that fails to recognise that they have no right to tell us what to think. Christianity makes it a duty to believe in the resurrection of Jesus.
Belief in miracles and magic leads to exploitation. Challenge it if you don't want to be a passive supporter of the problem. Those who care about truth will welcome the challenge. Do you want to be exploited and see people being exploited?
Strictly speaking miracle believers are only guessing not believing. Disguising guesses as beliefs is a form of arrogance where you act as if you have the evidence when you don't.

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