Quantum Mechanics and faith in the God of creation and free will and miracles

Religion likes to say it respects the laws of nature so much that it is able to acknowledge and respect an exception the miracle. Dead men stay dead - that is the rule -  but the evidence shows the rule had to be suspended in the case of Jesus.  Not broken just suspended.   But Stephen Hawking wrote that an experiment has many possible results many more likely than others and what comes up in a sense is like the throw of a dice.  "It is, to paraphrase Einstein, as if God throws the dice before deciding the result of every physical process."  In science, natural law is too fluid to allow you to be sure x is a miracle.  And there is no point testing if somebody is dead if they can rise so even then the fluidity presupposes some laws, ie that dead men stay dead.  Quantum thinking does not give you a loophole that allows you to affirm the supernatural or paranormal.  It denies you that loophole.


The quantum level acts in a random way. Things go and come from nothing or so it seems. However something popping into existence when there was nothing does not mean it really came out of nothing. It could come from an undetectable dimension. It it could be a space travel thing where something that is in one end of the universe just pops up in another. Creation out of nothing is impossible to verify and is only an idea. It is not a theory for a theory needs evidence and there is none.

A God that has to throw dice to decide what he is to do is not a God at all.  It is as if he cannot get away from randomness and thus is not an all-powerful God.  He is no better than a superhuman creature.  Yet Christian belief says he is the one who made all things and used absolutely nothing to make them.

It is hoped that quantum randomness allows for free will in people. John Eccles, Robert Kane and Karl Popper certainly wished it would. Or could. But there is no could about it. The indeterminancy at the fundamental level, the quantum level, of the universe does not necessarily mean any effect will make a difference in nature or in a person. If it did make a difference in the natural universe it might not have anything to do with a person's will. Professor Haggard says "But none of that happens at the quantum level. From a physics point of view, it's macro-level."

Free will makes no real sense unless you imagine it is somebody creating an act from nothing in some way. But creation is impossible to verify or understand. Nobody has the right to stress it when it may be nonsense or when it may be so odd that no language to describe it is any good.

Randomness does not ground free will. A free will that is independent is not necessarily really free. A random deed does not imply the cause of the deed must be random as well. A random sight does not make your eye random.  Randomness means disorder and free will needs some order to be really free.  A decision is a process and if that process is bypass the end result is not free will but random will.

Free will and creation and magic are all one and same thing.

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