Analyse, “Pure evil and pure good are interesting discussion points. We suppose that there can be no real good unless there is an opposite, pure evil. Those who think evil is just good doing things in the wrong way do not really believe in pure good.”

People do not like admitting if they think evil is a real power for that turns it into a God.  It means that God must have expressly created it or it always existed.  Either way the idea of God as the unlimited good is out.

But there really cannot be any real good if there is no pure and real evil.  There is no perfect maths sum unless there is one that is totally rubbish.

Not loving x who should be loved by you is going to mean you direct the love to the wrong person instead.  This is clearly a mistake.  If evil is just ignorance or a mistake then it is not the opposite of good. If it is a distortion of good then it is not really evil.  The opposite of love is - there is no opposite.  Those who say the opposite is hate or indifference are just being disingenuous.  They are in the name of good trying to fight evil with evil.

Atheists see good as the best but imperfect thing to aim for. Religion sees good in idealistic terms as virtually another word for a God of complete love and goodness. It says God made all therefore evil was not made by God but is just good things in the wrong place and time. It’s an abuse or lack of good.

None of that makes sense in religion. The believers cannot make up their minds if they really believe in evil or not.

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