To honour God is really to honour his inventors!

God by definition is a source of infinite spiritual and magical power.

We are divine only in the sense that the authority that is claimed for God is ours. The mind that creates a God is better than that God. Even if there is a real God, nobody really knows him reasonably well. To serve gods and God and religion is really to serve the men who invent these things. Why bother with them? If you are as good as them then why not serve yourself and create a DIY Faith for yourself?

Being mad at God is a terrible thing. You fear his reaction. It is like a mouse being mad at an elephant. That could be dangerous. It is better to be mad at those who invent God for that anger might produce some good fruit.

The worship of a God revealed through his miracle works and miracle revelations is really based on trusting what men say. It compliments them and not God. It is seeing God according to the image they have made.

Miracles are tools in the hands of the idol mongers.

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