Proofs for God boil down to the absurd question of "Why something instead of nothing?"

All the proofs for God boil down to answering God to the question, "Why is there something rather than nothing?" But this question is unanswerable.
Religion says that God is the one who causes all things but himself to exist. He didn't make himself but he is the reason for his own existence. But it says that God is so much greater than the creation or anything he makes.
We can't understand if there is a God why there is a God instead of nothing. Only God could understand why there is a God. Religion says that though God can be known reasonably well he is still infinitely bigger than any concept we have of him and is a mystery. So it is easier to understand a grain of sand than to understand God. But we cannot understand a grain of sand. From this it is clear that answering God to the question is cheating people. You cannot know what you are talking about. It is just using words to look like an answer is being given.
Humble people that the universe had a cause and leave it at that.
There are alleged proofs for God. The proofs can't work for we don't know what the answer is to "Why something instead of nothing?" and it is bigoted and arrogant (not to mention presumptuous) to answer the question with God.
The question itself makes no sense for if there was nothing it would be, "Why is there nothing rather than something?" That implies there should be something rather than nothing. But it makes no sense for nothing can't produce anything. Nothing is just nothing. To answer God is pretending to give an answer. It is dishonest. It is dogmatic and dogmatic is bigoted. The believer has no right to object to bigotry. Believers don't understand God. Yet they have the arrogance to try and answer a question nobody understands: "Why is there something rather than nothing?" with something they understand just as much or less!
The question is a scientific one. Even if God has a reason for making all things, it does not follow that the reason has anything to do with us. Religion lies saying that it is a religious question not a scientific one. It is lying to protect belief in God from scientific atheism.
The arguments for God are said by some to add up to proof for God. The more decent arguments you have the more likely it is that God exists. Others say that each argument alone would be enough. They say that the arguments are like marks on a map that lead you to the treasure. That logic backfires. The proofs that should work or the arguments that should work fail. There is no treasure. 

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