A progressive Catholic is a fancy name for a cherry-picker who pretends that being a heretic is compatible with being a proper and good Catholic.

The reality is that truth is not about us. Truth is truth no matter what. A religion that claims to be the truth should be followed without cherry-picking but only if it really is the truth. I am atheist and do not like the Church but I agree that those who cannot see it as the truth should leave. Otherwise they end up supporting what they think is a manmade religion. It is stupid to regard everybody that claims to be Christian as Christian or qualified to speak on what Christians believe. If some belief is not Christian and anti-christian no Christian can make it Christian

If Catholicism is a man made religion then it will have errors. In that case a progressive Catholic does not exist. What you have is a person using the label who is trying to mend the errors while pretending the religion is definitely from God.

It does not matter what anybody identifies as. I can identify as Mormon but nobody in their right mind would take me seriously. It is up to the facts to identify you not you or anybody else. And the fact remains that the bishops are the authorised teachers of the Church and supposedly stand in the place of Jesus and are guided by him. They are not telling you to go if you should be a Protestant or humanist. They are only telling you what logic says.

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