Prayer is black magic and it is bad occult

Human nature’s dark side will out. Thus it will seek an occult or supernatural or religious way to hurt if it is totally inoffensive and helpful in society. One way it will serve the dark side is by feeling good or indifferent about doing nothing for people in need. Another way is by asking for others to be hurt by God or doing spells to hurt them. This may be direct or indirect. Indirect is looking for something from God knowing that it is taking it from somebody else too. Also, asking for a bike when babies are dying is a form of that. Asking for Sue to recover from cancer as if nobody else mattered but her is just an indirect black magic spell: may somebody else die instead of Sue.

The Bible God is clear that all magic workers and occultists must be destroyed and are a spiritual threat to the people.  Most good/white magicians are out for money which is why they have to do "good" or white magic.  So they are condemned too and each evil magician starts off as a good one.

In Deuteronomy 18, God condemns the person who is a medium or a spiritist or who consults the dead. He says such a person is hated by him. But why all the “ors”. Is a medium the same as a spiritist? Is a person who talks to the dead different? I think the answer is yes and invoking dead people or saints is seen as a sin. The person is not being a medium or spiritist but is consulting the dead and that is a sin. That can only mean a person who prays to the dead. Leviticus 19:26 says that divination is a sin. But the feeling you get that your prayer is heard and dealt with is divination!  It is not certain that Jesus really is alive and the evidence is futile so Christianity is pure necromancy when it comes to him.  It even seeks the feeling that he is around for it says now that he is risen he is more with us than ever!  It is communing with a dead man.

The Church says magic is just magic and even the good magic is bad magic for though you think your motives are pure you can be wrong.  And magic makes you think you have power and power corrupts.  If it does corrupt Esther it will corrupt many of those who come to her who will have darker interests in magic than hers.  It is a sin for it thinks you can use power to do better than God.  If prayer is an arrogant attempt to influence or force God then prayer is the biggest spell of all.  Even a spell to move a mountain would be lesser.

The past makes the present and the present makes the future.  To ask God to act now is to ask him to violently interfere with the present or change the past.  Either of these would be arrogant requests.  The first is extremely demanding and the second is impossible but you want God to change the impossible to suit you.  You do not respect reality or accept it.  And the arrogance is profound and reckless especially if all you want is a custard tart.  People in a panic do try to buy a hyper miracle with their arrogance.  God is then viewed as a stupid Merlin the Wizard with no moral compass.

The person who prays may deny that he or she is attempting to cast a spell on me. They may say, it is not magic for God will do what God will do because it is right regardless of whether or not he is asked to help. That is really an admission that prayer makes no changes at all. So their prayers for me are not about helping me and they want me to think they are. Why else would they tell me they pray for me?

It might seem that their prayer is merely expressing a wish that good things will come to me. But what if it is God's plan that bad things happen to me? God is supposed to be good but as evil has ruined his creation he needs to use it for the greater good. And why not just wish? Why pray?   I’d rather a person wished me good even if God does not agree it should happen than one who subjects all to God’s will! If wishes can overule God then that is a good thing for me!  Anything else would be a passive aggressive insult!
I suspect that prayers are really often just disguised spells. The Christians are trying to trigger some power to control me when they pray for me.
If prayer worked, do you think the Christian cares if it was some occult power that made it work? Will a Christian be upset if it turns out that it was psychic power that saved his baby's life when he prayed and not God? No. Part of the Christian subconsciously does not care what causes prayer to work. But as prayer to help another contradicts the fact that God does his will when he wills "Thy will be done not ours" it is safe to say the Christian deliberately invokes magical forces and hides this truth from himself and others. He or she cannot ask us or expect us to believe anything different. The believer wants the credit when the prayer/spell seems to work in a good way but will not say, “I tried to cure this person by praying for them but I seemed to only make it worse.” The person does not have the decency to say it can work in a bad way. If you are responsible for it when it does good you must say you are responsible if it does bad. And even more so if things get worse. Otherwise you cannot call yourself genuine or caring. Your praying is not truly caring. Is it any wonder you prayers do harm then?

The Christian by lying and pretending his magic is prayer is also trying to be superior to God and change the universe even in spite of God.
The Christian has no respect for those who do not want to be targeted by forces they do not understand or that may turn against them at a time they do not expect. Witches believe you should not even perform a healing spell for a person without asking for their permission. It is trying to interfere with another's life or will and subject them to what they have no warning of.  Consent is more about having to choose something than about choosing something properly. No choice is ever a step into the light or made in the right light. It can’t be for you always have something about your life that cannot be completely controlled. So in a significant sense even getting consent means only getting something that is far from ideal but better than nothing.  So praying and spells done for another even with permission is still trying to assert your will over the other person.

The Bible first and foremost tells us to pray to God. People pray for they feel that they have tuned into a God who can protect them. They get deluded for they can't see how they are no better off than people who don't pray. People pray and get a sense that things will be all right. This is divination - the person seeks reassurance by using tarots cards or reading tea leaves. They get a vague sense of reassurance, they divine that things will be all right somehow.
Prayer itself is occult. The same comfort that you get from reading your horoscope is the comfort that prayer gives you. Prayer is superstition. The miracles of the Bible can be understood as supporting the basic Bible endorsement of prayer. They are based on the occult and they endorse it. Prayer shows no respect to those who fear the occult or condemn it for they are prayed for. 

The occult involves rituals that sound like prayers.  The Church says prayer respects the person or God you pray to and does not give them orders like magic does.  This is splitting hairs.  Asking a hard faced judge to help you does not feel good.  Commanding them might feel better than that for at least you feel you are as good or important as them.  You feel you are standing up to them.

The prayers that make people feel good are probably motivated by, "Do what I ask and I won't take no for an answer." The good feeling does not last.  It leads to disappointment.  If you are desperate you are not going to ask God but command him.  You may not realise what you are doing but that is what you are doing.

The occult does at time involve prayers.  A lot of the ritual is about praise and so on.  Prayer then is a form of the occult for you don't really know what you are praying to.  If demons pretend to be good and you feel an impulse or nudge to pray it may be coming from the demon.  You don't know what you are opening yourself up to.  People have opened themselves up to God and disaster has happened.  St Dominic and Hitler did that. 

In the occult, it is a stern doctrine that if you work with any entity or God you have to break the connection at the end of the rite by banishing the entity.  Witches may send the four lords of the watchtower back to their "lovely realms."  The being hanging around means you are not wary of it and so danger can happen.  It may do it on purpose or accidentally for you are not dealing with it properly.

Prayer seems to spring from how human nature does the same wise, bad, stupid and mad thing over and over thinking it will be different this time. It is trying to say you believe it can be different and for God to make sure of it. So it is like God rolls a dice randomly and will only take direction because you have requested it! It is insane. It is pure superstition.

Prayer is central to Christianity, Judaism, Mormonism and Islam and many other faiths. Such a faith is not really a religion but a school of the occult and like all occult schools it lies about what it is really doing and pretends that prayer is not an attempt to subject somebody to your will using supernatural forces. Is it any wonder occult means hidden?

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