Free expression is no excuse for legally allowing prayer outside abortion clinics

Prayer is not free expression. It is largely because God and religion are forced on people that it is so prevalent. It is based on how God is thought to be 100% creator of all and responsible for how everything works. So praying against abortion means you have the intention to have women forced to give birth. The intention is to force or to get God to force as he forces things anyway. For that reason prayer is abusive.  That God makes the choice to act is not the point.  He forces anyway and by asking him you are asking him to do the forcing you want.  Not convinced?  Then remember how the Church says that God never fears your sins in the slightest.  That means he has already defeated you though it may not seem that way.  Sin is a defeated foe as soon as it appears.  That implies God has control that we cannot see.

Also, every minute of every day there are billions of things we might want to do and we cannot do them.  You cannot cook your porridge in ten seconds.  There are options every moment you have not even thought of so your choice is always unreal in the sense that it is never an informed choice.  The point is you are less free than you think or will ever realise.  So to pray against abortion or whatever is to try to wreck the choices of another.  To pray for x to turn to God and repent is genuinely interference and trying to force.

To pray for God's will to be done is always asking for your will to be done for it is you deciding what God's will is and should be so it is about you.

Spain 2022 was right to make prayer against abortion outside the premises of abortion providers illegal.

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