Will the United Kingdom ban LGBTQ conversion therapy in 2022?  Will it ban it properly or make a loophole? 

A conversion therapy ban will go wrong if it means medicalised or counselling type versions of conversion therapy only. Most forms of conversion therapy are religion based.  All forms of it from giving electric shock treatment to harrowing exorcisms are grounded in prayer that the treatment will work.

Some campaigners want praying with an LGBT person that they will get help not to be LGBT or act on it banned.  Is this because prayer does nothing?  If it changes nothing then it the person praying for another is trying to exert psychological control over them.  The person is cloaking undue influence in the guise of prayer.  The alternative is that we are saying only prayers that affirm what the LGBT person believes about themselves are allowed.  A concern is that we end up saying that the person who wants to act on being LGBT should be affirmed and you should not pray for one or with one who does not.  But if a person is a nurse and you have some bonkers religion that says that health care is evil and satanic you cannot say you love the person and hate what they do.  You are attacking the person through what they do. Nobody likes to admit they hate the person so they use the guise that it is the person's actions that are the problem.  So there should be no prayers for a person who doesn't like acting on being LGBT.

I would include certain prayers and certain religious teachings as well for they make out that God is the actual or potential conversion therapist. The Lord’s Prayer goes Our Father so you are praying for yourself as well as others. “Deliver us from evil” is a prayer for others and yourself to be converted. Religious opinion is just opinion and has too much sway.

The Catholic confessional, as many can tell you from experience, is dangerous in particular and attempts are made in it to convert your feelings to celibacy or to a strictly heterosexual marriage. The secrecy of the confessional makes sure the victim is totally helpless.  Catholic schools and families and parents force LGBT children to confess in the guise of preparing them for first communion and confirmation.

A totally repulsive prayer to St Michael, "Saint Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle.  Be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil.  May God rebuke him we humbly pray.  And do thou O Prince of the Heavenly Host, by the power of God, thrust into Hell Satan and all evil spirits who wander through the world for the ruin of souls.  Amen" is regarded as a form of exorcism.  Holy Water is sprinkled too to kill the alleged influence of evil spirits.  These practices can be triggering for LGBTQ and trans in particular.  The suggestion that a trans identity might be a satanic deception can make gender dysphoria so much worse.  Religion may tell all they have the devil's influence but trans are very susceptible to worrying about their identity being true and valid.

Do not forget that Christianity tells you what when it shares the faith with you that the Holy Spirit will plant seeds in you that you can respond to in faith. This conditions you to think somebody up high wants you to believe and is prompting you. The anti-gay teachings are conversion therapy in that sense.

Prayer used to help somebody "repent" of  LGBTQ living is telling the person that they are wrong and need fixing.  It does not work.  That alone marks it as abusive.

Religion uses the "God does not make mistakes, but people do" line.  On that it bases its claim that it does not condemn LGBTQ but only the sexual behaviour.  Its line is a threat to and a de-legitimisation of people who know they were formed in the wrong sex or in the wrong body.  And it is virtually asking for a loophole in a society that sees conversion therapy as abuse.  The teaching that being LGBT is not a sin but acting on it is gives the Church a way to camouflage conversion therapy and promote it in the guise of support.  This teaching is impossible to ban.  They can pretend it the teaching is about LGBT activity not the person.   Very young LGBT people will be under the biggest threat.

LGBT Muslims have been targeted by Christians who prayed with them for conversion from LGBT living, despite the Qur'an, 109, "In the name of Allah, the Gracious, the Merciful.  Say, "O disbelievers, I do not worship what you worship.  Nor do you worship what I worship.  Nor do I serve what you serve.  Nor do you serve what I serve.  You have your way and I have my way."  This is horribly manipulative.

Make no mistake.  Prayer is an outworking of its  "God does not make mistakes, but people do" line.  All prayer assumes that idea and thus all prayer is opening the door for conversion therapy.  Such prayer has made many suffer so badly that they ended their lives.  It does not help a person with self-harm issues.  Not helping is not a neutral thing.  It is terrible.

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