Should we pray for the conversion of sinners?

People don't like others praying for their conversion. They find it offensive and judgmental. And what if the prayer is answered by God doing something terrible to them to make them need him and convert?

When evil happens, believers blame the people not God for they say people have free rein to do what they want. And then they hypocritically pray as if people are not as free as that. They pray as if they can manipulate the free will of another or make the decisions for them that they should make themselves. They are simply condoning the intolerable - a God who lets evil happen and who does more evil in asking us to excuse it.

When terrible evil happens, Christians say it is our fault not God's for he is wholly good. So God has given us the power to misuse our freedom and do evil. If God gives us free will and he does not tamper with it, then what is the point of Christians praying for the conversion of a sinner? If they pray while thinking there is no point then it is about making themselves feel they are doing something when it cannot help at all. If it cannot be about help then it is intended to hinder. If they pray because they hope deep down that the prayer will magically meddle with the person's free will then that is not good either. They are trying to violate another person. And if magic can change them why don't they use it to find a cure for cancer?

Christians pray for sinners. Sinners who feel they can trust them because they pray for them are misplacing their trust. Here is why. Christians say they can condemn actions as vile and evil and abominable when these actions are carried out by people who are reasonably sane and who knew what they are doing. They deny that they can condemn the doers of the actions in the same way. They say only God can do that. That means they say that if God condemns you and they know it then they will hate you. To say you love a person because you don't know if they are unlovable or not is not really loving that person. It is taking a chance. The love is conditional. It is loving the conditions not the person. This is no good. If Charlie loves Andie because she is rich then it is really the wealth he loves not her.
Atheists rightly take offence when somebody promises to pray for them. Praying for the conversion of Atheists is patronising them and being self-righteous for it comes from the “we are right and they are wrong” kind of attitude. Praying is stranger than casting spells over a cauldron. Prayer is an insult to God and if an answer from God is anticipated that only goes to show that it is an attempted and shoddy spell. It is trying to control God by words and thoughts. Prayer denies that God is God for he can be fooled by mortal men and women.

Prayer for the conversion of sinners is not as sweet as it is made out to be...

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