This puts the God theory before people for we should be saying the best thing for others is to actually do something for them that you KNOW will have results. No decent person would invite you to feel that you have done the best thing possible for a dying baby by praying for her when there might be no God who is interested in the prayers. These objections are conclusive - and the extreme immorality of Christian spirituality is proven when you consider how even prayer is a sin when you look at how believers go about it. Prayer coming from a hypocritical heart can never be the best thing you can do for others.
When what is prayed for is seemingly granted, this supposedly bears witness to that Church’s version of the gospel of Jesus. This gospel says that the main commandment is to love God with all our strength and power. Even loving yourself and your neighbour isn't as important. If you don't have the strength to love somebody enough to save their life you have to give the love to God instead. We know we cannot love God as much as the so-called gospel demands. So accordingly, everything we do is a sin. No matter what good we do we are glad that we are not asked to suffer for all eternity to save somebody else at God's command. So we love freedom from pain more than God or other people. We cannot protest that it is not our fault that we cannot love God enough for he must help us for he cannot command the impossible. These answers to prayer and miracles then have taken place to make us more sinful by believing in God not less and cannot be relied upon as the testimony of God to the truth of the gospel or evidence for a really good God.
If religion is right that the miracle of answer to prayer is a sign of God's love, then the following mystery occurs. Why is Johnnie boy cured of paralysis and why is toddler Tanya who is dying of lung cancer overlooked? Obviously religion has to say that God puts himself and his own will first. So they will have to say miracles back up the doctrine that God should be put first by me even if it means me enduring extreme torment forever to help others if it helps them.
Prayer cannot be done without sin when God is so holy that he can only endure perfection. So it must be Satan who is answering the prayers! "God I want you but not too much," is an insult not a prayer.
Prayer is hypocritical superstition. It fails to help anybody and many are lured into superstition by its promoters. It is inhuman when understood properly.
Christians pray for sinners. Sinners who feel they can trust them because they pray for them are misplacing their trust. Here is why. Christians say they can condemn actions as vile and evil and abominable when these actions are carried out by people who are reasonably sane and who know what they are doing. They deny that they can condemn the doers of the actions in the same way. They say only God can do that. That means they say that if God condemns you and they know it then they will hate you. To say you love a person because you don't know if they are unlovable or not is not really loving that person. It is taking a chance. The love is conditional. It is loving the conditions not the person. This is no good. If Charlie loves Andie because she is rich then it is really the wealth he loves not her.

We are told how prayer changes people, both when others pray for them and they pray for themselves.

It does not for the people would change anyway because there are many people who pray who God makes worse when he sends temptations or gives them a nature that invites them to sin inevitably. The Church would write in an article how prayer does not change for God will do what God will do and then later on contradicts itself and says it changes you!


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