Prayer is not about helping people

If prayer is really about sending God to help, why are you the one saying your prayer does that not God?  Even if prayer is valid and effective it does not follow that you have any right to pontificate about the inherent goodness and also helpfulness of your particular prayer.  Prayer is more about helping your ego than the other.

Prayer is asking of God.  Prayer is seen to be about people trying to help each other by asking God to take action.  For most of us, that is all the kind of prayer that matters. Even praying to be a better person is praying for something.  Telling God you love him has a petition underneath - keep us together,

Belief in prayer is made infallible. There is more infallibility in putting your proposition outside of examination than simply saying, “This is true because I say so.” It becomes, “This is true because I say there is no way to refute it.” Prayer is an idol. Even if there is a God, God cannot accept it. Prayer paradoxically is anti-God and is an idol. It disrespects truth for you try to avoid refutation so prayer is a lie and thus seems to think that God and everybody else is stupid and cannot see it.

You know that wealth and happiness are two separate things yet you will seek wealth to be happy though it makes nobody you know happy.  Yet you imagine you (or your loved one) could and virtually will be the exception.  The whole point of seeking wealth is that you think it will magically make you or somebody else happy and to pray is to do magic too. Both things are the same so if it is a vice to want magic happiness from money it is to want it from prayer as well.

Prayer is not about helping people. It is about asking God to help them. He will do that if they need help and should be helped whether you ask or not so prayer is not about helping others and so is bad. Believing that we can influence the fate of others by going out and doing good for them and by sending them beneficial energy is better. Then you can feel you are doing something. If magic and prayer are delusions, it is better to have the delusion that magic works for it is at least an attempt to help others!

Asking God for this and that is a sign that you don't really trust God and are trying to deceive him. It is quality and not quantity that matters. If you say one prayer in your life asking for blessings, saying other prayers is actually affirming that you are asking something untrustworthy to help you. If psychic powers exist then you are creating psychic blocks to getting what you want. Prayer is about fear and grovelling and magic is about confidently taking charge. If the quality was what mattered, you would not need to pray often and with difficultly to keep close to God. Prayer conditions. That is how it supposedly makes you close to God. Prayer is affirming that you ought to be conditioned so it is intrinsically degrading.

Perhaps when you pray for another you change yourself because you are thinking of them and hoping they will be well? Perhaps you are helping to remove all nastiness from your heart. You will change yourself better if you feel you are actually sending them the blessings, as if you are the one giving the blessings. Magic is better than prayer (but remember mere good wishes are the best). It avoids the hypocrisy of praying for others to improve your love for them. If you don't love them or love them enough then how could your prayers be sincere? If you would go and do loving things for them that would change you better than prayer would.

God believers claim that prayer is better than any good deed. But if you had a choice between praying for somebody and helping them what would you do?


Praying for a person who is bleeding to death from a gaping wound will not help at all. Only the doctor can do that. Religion will say that if the doctor arrives and successfully treats the person it is because the prayers worked. So it was really prayer that helped and the doctor was only an instrument. To say things like that is to affirm that it doesn't matter if the doctor comes or not for it is up to God. It pretends that faith comes before people. It pretends that human deeds are nothing for though God may use them they are accessories. It is only luck that God uses the doctor but the doctor does not matter!

Each event no matter how small has everlasting consequences. It sets of string of falling dominos. With magic, we do only the good that results. With prayer, we have to ask that God kills people and makes people sick in the process of getting us enough money to have a dinner at the Ritz. Prayer is harmful.

People think prayer is to detach them from suffering so that they don't feel it so bad. It is supposed to provide comfort. A teaching like that insinuates that those who suffer terribly have nobody but themselves to blame for not praying enough!

Prayer is a denial of our power to heal ourselves and be our own gods. What the Christian God supposedly does for his people, we can do for ourselves. Believers must realise deep in their hearts that it is not God that helps them but what they have made themselves think about God. Prayer then is damaging to self-esteem and does harm.

To pray is to pull negativity into your life. The benefits that follow it are not down to prayer. They just happened after it. They are not results.

You only pray to a superior being. Our asking for supernatural help from a living or dead loved one is not prayer. If there were two Gods talking would that mean they were praying to each other? No. Nobody has the right to get you to bend the knee before a superior being who may not exist! That is degrading.

Don't pray. Invite good things to come into your life knowing that they will obey you. Being open to good is the best good of all. Open yourself up to seeing good better and you will learn how good attracts good. Even feeling your authority to invite is a blessing.

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