if jesus was god then he prayed to himself!


The gospels say that Jesus liked to pray. Jesus’ praying proves that he was not God. God does not pray to God.

Going off alone Jesus could pass the whole night in prayer. He said that it is best to pray without anybody knowing. Jesus did not pray in secret as an example for us for nobody can be sure what people are up to in private. And the whole idea of secret prayer was to keep anybody from knowing about it. That is no example. Jesus did not pray because he felt the need to for that would be hypocrisy. It would be praying for a selfish reason, for emotional gratification. If he were God he did not need to keep in touch with God for he couldn’t sin anyway or lose touch with God. It would have been no sin if he never prayed. If Jesus prayed though he didn’t need to then he was deceiving and play-acting. He would have been wiser to scrub tiles. He prayed because he needed help and strength. God the Son does not need help and strength. Jesus’ praying for Lazarus to rise (John 11) and to evade the crucifixion means that he was not God. Jesus prayed to tell us that.

If Jesus was fully God and fully man and yet one person then though he has two wills, a human and a divine one, these wills must be in total concord. The New Testament says that Jesus prayed for his Church to be one which never happened. The Church says the prayer was answered but it is our fault that the Church is divided for God did all he could to keep it together. When Christians find it so hard to come to agreement even when they are in the one sect and they squabble over the evidence for their faith I can’t see how God fulfilled Jesus’ prayer. Even the New Testament admits that it is very easy to be misled and even the saints on earth can be led astray.

He asked to be saved from the cruel death by crucifixion that was on the cards for him and then relented to ask God to do with him whatever suited God. God is outside time and cannot change his mind (Numbers 23:19) so Jesus couldn’t have been God when the two willed different things.

In John 17:9, Jesus says he does not pray for the world.

Haley says that Jesus means not at that time because John’s first epistle says that Jesus prays for the world (2:1).

But why say he does not pray for the world unless he means that he will never pray for it? You don’t get down on your knees and tell God you won’t pray for the cat but for the dog for you just pray for the dog. Why? Because why waste words saying you wont pray for the cat when you could say, “I pray for the cat.” That is all you need to say and pray. If Jesus had been good he would not have said he would not pray for the world but, “I pray for the world and now I pray…etc”. God incarnate could not say such a thing.

Jesus told us he was not God when he prayed.

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