Why direct creation?  What if God made a spirit universe and the physical emerged from it and not him directly?

Believers in creation only talk about how the physical came from nothing.  They say there was nothing and then there was the universe.  God did this.

The reason they use that narrative is because it seems more obvious that the physical and the nothing could not be more different. It makes the creation narrative sound more miraculous.

They never dwell on how spirits were made from nothing. That is because spirits are too like nothing. Nobody is interested in spirits being created for it sounds too abstract.  And nobody knows what spirits are or what they are like except that they are real but have no bodies.  Yet spirits would be more important than anything material. The Bible says angels matter more than man and angels have no bodies. They are spirits. The believers may say God is a spirit and God was always there and did not and could not come from nothing. That is the only spirit they worry about.  That is because they don't want to have something physical creating or becoming the universe for that does away with the need for their God.

Assuming that there is such a thing as God causing something which in turn possibly against his will can cause other things we can adopt the following scenario.  What if the direct creation was a universe that was non-physical?  What if it created new universes and a billion causes later one of them created or turned into or emanated a physical one - ours?

Occam's Razor tells us to use the simplest explanation.  But religion says spirit being that which does not have a physical side but which is there and real is the simplest explanation!  So a billion non-material universes resulting in this one is less of a mystery than matter appearing at the start of all things and becoming the universe!

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