M Scott Peck and Evil as Smug Self-Deception

According to M Scott Peck, evil is a form of self-righteousness. You feel morally superior to others and enjoy hurting them for not being "moral" like you are. Peck explained that the evil person imputes evil motives to innocent people to victimise them.

The evil person will prefer to pick a target that will be unable to fight back. Children make easy targets.

Peck stated that to be adept at evil you have to engage in self-deception so that your conscience ends up twisted and in denial about how bad you are. Peck said that evil people are not the same as sociopaths - sociopaths seem to have no conscience.

Peck outlined the traits in an evil person.

They include the ability to fool oneself and keep it up. One will be consistent with the self-deception. One feels the reward is having little or no guilt feelings and appearing to be an upright person in ones own reckoning and that in others. These rewards help one stay consistent.

The inevitable result of self-deception is that one's life becomes a lie to others. That is inevitable and to deceive yourself is to risk deceiving others and leads to many being fooled.

The person will treat many people normally but will choose some targets for abuse.

He projects the malice and evil in himself on to them.

She hides her hate for them as love or tough love.

The person will abuse any power he has over others and this abuse might be covert.

The person tells and lives lies continually to look respectable.

She will not consider how her victim feels and is not interested in seeing things from the victim's perspective.

He hates criticism even if it is constructive and will pretend to welcome it but will think of ways to diffuse the criticism.

An evil person is often skilled at spotting when institutions are evil.

COMMENT: This is a good analysis. If true then moral relativists, those who say morality is not real but just opinion, are disguising their evil as a moral theory. An evil person likes to observe what evil institutions and customs are out there and will find something to participate in so that their evil can be practiced and supported and maybe look good. If religion is evil or a political party it will attract evil people like that.  If self-deception, targeting children for indoctrination/abuse, accusing others of being sinners, being dogmatic and refusing to see your religion from the perspective of the person who says it is man-made and untrue make you evil then why does religion exhibit all the traits?

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