The former pope, Benedict XVI, as Cardinal Ratzinger, got a bishop to let a priest guilty of abusing a boy stay in the ministry. And he signed a letter approving this even though it was known the priest really was guilty. The pope will die and may become a patron saint. Maybe he could become a joint patron saint of priestly paedophiles with St Joseph Calasanz.
The history of the Church shows that clerical child abusers showed no real tendency to try and get treatment for their paedophilia. Many paedophiles seek such treatment. The question is why the priestly ones don't even when they can. They have to be forced by their bishops to get help. And the help is really about making it look like they tried to change than about really trying to cease being a danger to children. It is about pulling the wool over the eyes of the flock. It has been observed by Laszlo Bito Phd that the priests guilty of the abuse have not showing any signs of intense remorse or guilt. They do not take every avenue they can to control their urges. The repentance they offer is light and pathetic. It insults the victims. It's more superficial than anything else.
Is it because they think they are entitled to have sex with children to enjoy some relief from the burden of celibacy? But it is so easy these days to get an adult to have sex with.
Is the Church covering up because priests are scarce and they are no good to them in jail? But the Church shows no signs of obsession with getting and keeping priests.
Jesus Christ in Luke 16 stated that the dishonest steward should be praised. He told a story to that effect. His conclusion was that we must make friends for ourselves with unrighteous mammon so that when the goods of this world let us down we will enjoy everlasting blessings. That is what they read in their Bible and that is the kind of role model they have.
The only reason why the abuse is happening and being protected is that the faith itself is evil. It rots the insides of those who embrace it to the extent a priest does.
St Joseph Calasanz who was made the patron saint of all the Catholic schools in the world by Pope Pius XII and praised by John Paul II covered up clerical child-abuse in the teaching order of priests he founded. The saint was canonised by Pope Clement XIII in 1767.
The book, Fallen Order, by Karen Liebriech, was written when the author researched archives including those of the Inquisition and discovered how this monster fostered institutionalised child-abuse in his schools by protecting the offenders.
He protected two of his top priests who maintained a paedophile ring in the schools for two decades. One of them, a Father Alacchi was known as a sadist. The Inquisition and the Roman Curia and the pope found out and decided to do nothing about it. They refused to do anything to support or protect the victims.
Calasanz received a host of reports of child sexual abuse by his priests and he took every step to prevent the matter becoming public knowledge. He had plans executed to pacify the parents of the children and get the paedophile priests moved elsewhere.
Fr Alacchi was promoted by the saint to a Visitor General role after learning that he was abusing children. Inevitably more allegations came in after this so the saint sent him on pilgrimage until it quietened down. Later the priest was invited back to his job and further allegations were made. The saint’s response to this was to give him another reward for his evil. Alacchi became Consulter General and Procurator. The saint put down the allegations as lies and shielded Alacchi.
Father Stefano Cherubini was such a notorious paedophile that his wealthy family protected him by employing lawyers who engaged in intimidating those who made complaints and who stole a dossier from the saint’s desk that proved the crimes and destroyed it. He didn’t get punished by the saint. Instead he became second in charge of the order under the saint. Promotion was used to intimidate anybody making allegations.
Cherubini became head of the order when Calasanz was dismissed due to machinations by the Jesuit Order which made him appear heretical. The pope had Cherubini inspected and the report cleared him.
Cherubini was dismissed from his post as head of the order. Rome lied that the reason was administrative incompetence.
He had been caught in the act abusing a pupil and a letter from a priest written in 1646 which admitted ten year knowledge of the child abusing activities of the monster. It said that the administrative incompetence was a cover-up.
The miracles surrounding the saint include tales of the body and relics casing healings and after death his body had a smell of fresh roses.
Needless to say Rome has made no plans to reverse this canonisation!

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