To hold a bad or rubbish belief is promoting it even if just to yourself. You are not an island and it has to impact on how you influence others. Principle says that if you have moral responsibility for holding a bad belief you are complicit in others doing the same thing. If you steal, you are saying others should steal as well if they are in your shoes so in that way a collective responsibility for the evil arises.
The best way to define religion it is a system about how to do religious things and worship. Using that definition a person who is dead set against believing Catholic doctrine or who will not go to Mass is not a Catholic even if raised as one. If religion is about action and being a certain kind of person then clearly having a belief that you should practice the religion makes you complicit in what it does.
Using a bad method to justify saying religion is true makes you complicit as well for you are part of the problem of credulity and credulity puts many of its victims if not all at risk.
You are morally culpable for choosing to be in a religion freely. Though you are not a terrorist you are to blame for accepting beliefs that turn some people terrorist. People react to beliefs differently and also the content of the belief can lead to loopholes that open the door to violence. Beliefs such as that God gives violent commands such as in the Bible or Quran are harmful. The fact remains that even liberal careless Christians or Muslims would be terrorists in the right culture. The Bible speaks to culture and expects to operate within culture so you cannot blame culture only.
You are also morally culpable if that religion applies social pressure on people to conform. Catholics feel forced in strongly Catholic cultures. Feeling forced is all the more reason for challenging the religion and getting out.

Being passive is promoting the religion.  In fact if that was not happening, there would be no active promotion.  The passive make the sea for the activist and evangelistic religionists to work in.

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