Do not give religious parents the right to take their children out of sex education at school

If there is a right to freedom of religion there is also a right to freedom from religion. On certain issues there will be no way to compromise. What right comes first then? Should we deny parents the right to withdraw their children from sex education classes on religious grounds? Yes - if freedom from religion is a bigger right than religious freedom.

Sex education needs to be based on science and not on religious pseudo-science.


Parents' religious and moral opinions must be secondary to the right of the child to a good and reality-based education. It is the child who needs the sex education for his or her life.


Creating religious-based opt-outs open the door to unplanned pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases.


Principles are important. If a Catholic school does good, it does it by cherry-picking the Catholic faith. It ignores the nasty bits. There is still no moral leadership in parents who let their kids attend such schools for the school still teaches that the Catholic faith is true though it is dishonest in how it presents it.

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