Organ donation, ethics and religion

Organ donation doubtlessly saves lives.

Some say organs can only be taken after your death when it is clear you had given your express consent.

Others say you have to be assumed to be giving consent unless you gave your express refusal. 

With presumed consent and your organs being taken you are not being treated as the property of the state or just as a bag of organs to be harvested. We cannot ask everybody's permission all the time so presumed consent is an important concept. As long as this principle is respected there is no intention to objectify a person. If we are honest if some dead person's organ was stolen to save our lives would we really regard that as being that bad when we are kept alive because of it? And if somebody opts out fair enough. But how can we say that religious belief is a good thing when it can be grounds for refusing and somebody is left dead? There is enough to cause trouble and dissent without it.

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