The Ahmadiyyah is a "Muslim" sect.  It is a Muslim based sect not a Muslim one.  Yet it claims to be Muslim.  It was started in 1880. Its founder was Mirza Ghulam Ahmad who was born in the North-East Punjab. He had visions from Heaven telling him that he was a special prophet of God and an inspired interpreter of the Koran. He claimed to be the second coming of Muhammad. He said that he was the light of the world which shows he was as boastful as Christ. He passed away in 1908 and as proof of his prophetic prowess he never named a successor and this broke his following in two. His rapidly growing sect which has a centre in Ireland says that Jesus swooned on the cross and never rose again but was alive all the time and went to preach in foreign lands and died and was buried in Kashmir.
Like the Baha’i faith, the movement claims that there is no doctrinal error in the Koran. There are errors in the Koran. Sura 5 says that believers must wash before they pray and should use earth if they can get no water! What kind of nonsense is this?
The movement also says that when the Koran says that Muhammad was the seal of the prophets (Sura 33.40) it does not mean he was the final prophet of God. They say that Muhammad did not use the word for speaker for God but the word for predictor. But Muhammad made no predictions. He meant predictor of God’s will and law and who foresees that his revelations will work and must be true or a revealer of the law and the doctrine in other words. They try then to say he was the last prophet to announce the judgement and the resurrection. This is nonsense and against the context which does not mention the judgement or resurrection at all. The Koran simply says he is the seal so it just means he is the seal full stop.

Muslims whose sins are not serious will find Hell pleasant and nice and cool (page 31, Studies on Islam). If Hell is like that they should not be there but sent somewhere to do charity work or something to earn a place in Heaven.
Zoroaster may have lived in the sixth century BC though some feel he could have been ministering in 1000 BC. He claimed he was a prophet.

The scriptures of the prophet, the Avesta, have been corrupted for the original is no more. Serious errors in the Gathas show that a bad editor was at work and ruining the original scripture.

The doctrine of a good God and an evil one ruling the universe turns up in the third Gatha or hymn book that was part of the scriptures of this religion.

The religion claims that the Good God will win the battle and conquer the Evil God. This could only be if the Evil God’s power is permanently depleted every time he does or causes evil and he can’t recover it and is weakened. That would mean that one day he will be weak enough for the other God to overcome him. But if the good God can’t destroy his power then the Evil One must be either equal or greater. And if he were greater he would destroy the good God. The theory is inconsistent.

It gets worse with the doctrine that our good works somehow empower the good God to fight the bad one better. The two Gods made the universe so that is an unlikely arrangement. It would mean the Good God forgoing some well-needed power to make unnecessary things. Instead of fighting himself, he gives us the power to do it for him and we might not use it for that purpose at all. He is giving us power that would help in the war when he needs to get it back from us. So why give it away? It would mean that each God should have kept his powers instead of giving them to us to give them back to them. If there is an Evil God why are we not tempted to sin all the time? The Evil God would want to make us sin all the time and the good one knows that temptation can make you stronger in holiness when you have to resist it so this is a serious problem.

The moral code of the religion goes a bit off the wall when it command unnecessary cleanliness. They were not allowed to touch dead bodies on pain of execution. Felling trees was declared a sin. Dogs got too much veneration for not feeding dogs was considered to be as terrible as murdering a priest by starving him. Homosexuality and cremation were unpardonable sins and destine one to Hell but at least Hell is not eternal.

There is occultism in the faith because bringing a dog to a dying person’s side is imagined to scare off a demon called Nasav.

This information comes from The Religion of Ancient Persia, Prof. A.J. Carnoy, (CTS, London).

There is more. A book called Cosmos, Chaos and the World to Come has been consulted for the following examination.

A tradition saying that Zoroaster was active 258 years before Alexander the Great was found to have been worked out from a Greek book of fiction. And it was worked out too late to have been any use. But when you examine the language and details in his Gathas, you see that Zoroaster must have lived before 1200 BC. Scholars don’t know for sure where he came from. Did he exist at all?

It is very likely that the scriptures of his faith, the Avesta, were only written down at least four hundred years after Christ. And three quarters of them were lost before that. Though some parts of them seem to have been preserved perfectly since the prophet’s time we cannot trust these scriptures. Their God could not preserve them and is not worth worshipping. The doctrine of two gods, one bad and the other good, struggling seems sensible but read my book, Opposites Attacked. This cult says that the gods had to make allies for themselves which is impossible for they don’t need them. If you have to create allies, you must have the power to do without them in the first place. And these allies could even defect to the other side which makes it worse. The Good God made six inferior gods and always do what they are told.  It would be easier if he did their work himself. The earth was made as a flat bowl in water and one man grew out of it. The good God made the world to use it as a battleground between himself and his rival. The evil God killed the people made and the good Gods made people to take their place and even more. This does not sound like gods being equal in power. Two opposing equal powers should be able to go into deadlock. The more people they make the more assured the good Gods’ victory will be. Then why didn’t they make a bigger earth and with more land on it? The teaching implies that contraception, natural and artificial, is bad so it is dangerous. Marriage for procreation was compulsory. It is a duty to kill animals and plants that hurt people for that is what the bad God made them for. Ants are one of the things listed. This is rather worrying. People would be safe if they were careful. If you do more bad than good in life you go to the horrible abode of the bad God. The religion hates dead bodies for the bad God was killed and they show he has defeated the victims. Why then does he kill good people? Why would he be the god of death when death fails to end life meaning that only causing suffering is worth his while?

None of the faiths analysed have much credibility.
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