Does the notion that God is morality and morality is objective insult the mentally incapacitated?

Religion says morality is grounded in God. God makes morality real and not mere opinion. God supposedly has given us the ability to be moral or immoral.

Religion argues that because we have the capacity to be moral we deserve human rights. Some philosophers put that argument forward as well. But the argument implies that mentally incapacitated people do not have human rights. We recoil from that for it is saying, "Like dogs, they have a right not to life but a right to be kept free from unnecessary suffering".

Religion says it does not think that the incapacitated should be denied any human rights. What kind of person says think in a case like that? It is like seeing somebody murdered and saying you think murder is wrong. You are watering down the badness of murder - you should know it is wrong not think it. You are also saying, "I only think murder is wrong but still I will hurt the person who murders by having them in jail." That is not the way a good person thinks.

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