Objective Morality Argument Cannot be Understood

Argument: "There is no morality if there is no God. There can be no way to value compassion, love, justice, gratitude and kindness unless there is a God who values these things. Morality is grounded in God's character."
Moral values and moral rules are not the same. Kindness is a moral value. A moral rule may say however that you should not allow gay couples the right to wed even though it seems kind. A rule is about how you deal with moral values all being in conflict.
Nobody really understands the God is objective morality argument for it makes no sense. People are nevertheless told it does and they struggle to understand it. They blame themselves when they cannot. And it is implied by religion that they are to blame. The argument even if correct is not understandable and thus it will only make people recoil from morality.
Even if the argument is right, it is not obvious that it is correct or how to follow the logic.
Suppose the argument can be understood. Since it grounds morality in God it follows that you have to understand it and you cannot do any real good work until you do. So it is better to let the world perish in a nuclear disaster you could stop and take time to understand the argument instead. Understanding is not the chief good work and duty. It is really the only one. All other works only express that one so there is only one. Do it and all the good you do flows out from it. The argument is no good unless God exists so working on your faith in God and the evidence for him is better than helping a sick baby.
A morality like that is not the kind of morality we want. It does not really tell you why helping a baby that is suffering matters. That is the kind of morality you want and it is not delivering. We want a rule to say we must help. But if morality is grounded in God, then it is morality as in moral values not as in moral rules. An argument that says that God is kind and fair and loving is no help in working out moral rules. God is incapable of being grateful to us and gratitude is so important to us. God cannot thank you when you are merely doing what God's power has enabled you to do. God is not really relevant.

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