When God told Moses to have married women killed and to keep the virgins clearly that had to result in women carrying unborn babies dying.  Don't think that God cares about them!

In Numbers 5, a religious ritual commanded by God that you would expect to find in a medieval black magic grimoire rather than in the so-called Good Book.

When a woman was suspected of adultery she was taken to a priest by her husband. The husband would make an offering to God. The priest would get her to take unnatural oaths. He would give her holy water in which he had put dirt. She was to take an oath to back up her claim to be innocent. If she lied she prayed that her body would swell and her thigh waste away when she would drink the water. These curses were written and then washed off into the holy water.  Then the priest makes her drink the water. The woman swells and wastes away if she is an adulteress and the people curse her for it. But if she is loyal then the water does nothing bad to her. God said that this is to be done with women who are suspected of adultery by their husbands and God says: “The [husband] shall be free from iniquity and guilt, and that woman [if guilty] shall bear her iniquity” (5:31).

It does not bother God if a man is suspicious for very little.

And there is no ritual set up for a man.

And the husband should have been empowered to do the rite himself without trying to expose and shame his wife in front of a man to whom his marital problems were none of his business

Incidentally, Christians say that the laws about cleanness in the Old Testament show that God knew about germs before they were discovered so he made these laws to protect his people. This is absurd for even pig meat is clean if cooked properly and pig meat was forbidden. The ordeal shows that the woman only got infected from the water if she were guilty not if she were innocent. That is not about germs. It is about magic.

The superstitious rite shows real suspicion of and hatred for women. It treats women as objects just like rapists do.
Incredibly, Catholic Answers says the only thing Christians can say. It says the guilty woman taking the drink and getting sick and injured comes from the crippling guilt she feels. Nobody could feel that guilty! Also many women would be remorseless. The text says nothing about feeling guilty. And besides what Catholic Answers says doesn't excuse the fact that the priest puts curses on the water to afflict the woman if she has been a bad girl by God's command.
Such disgusting rationalisations only insult the people who have suffered through God's vile law.

Moody argued that Numbers 5 was an abortion rite and was necessary for Israel had no means of looking after bastard children.  It explains why the spell had to hurt her specifically in how "her body would swell ".  Her thigh wastes away as if she gets an infection from the magic abortion.  The swelling seems necessary to prove she is pregnant from adultery.  The fact of the matter is that the reason adultery was so severely despised was because of the risk of a man looking after a child that was not his.

Here we have a woman then whose baby was aborted without her consent!

The killing took place in context of blood sacrifice, it was an act of worship.  At that time it took place in the temporary temple, the Tabernacle.  Here we have an example of a woman forced to sacrifice her baby or rather the priest made her sacrifice it.  It is a sacrifice to God as is her damaged and hurt body.  She could even die and end up as a sort of human sacrifice.  The text is clearly pro-abortion as in forced abortion.

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