The Bible, though it claims to be the work of a God who can gaze into the future and says that God cannot err nevertheless contains false prophecies.

Even if God could be wrong about the future he could use force to fulfil what he has predicted. Better to do that than to be wrong.

Jesus supposedly left the world at his ascension promising to return in the second coming. The gospels can be read as if saying this would happen soon. What confirms the meaning is how the rest of the New Testament expects a quick return.

Matthew 10:23. Jesus says to the disciples that before they preach the gospel in every city of Israel the Son of Man will come.

Strauss saw a false prophecy here in his New Life of Jesus (I, 325).

Christians say that Matthew would not have made a blunder like that and put in a false prophecy. But perhaps he did not understand it correctly or did not think.

Haley says that Jesus means before he will come to judge Jerusalem not the second coming but this is not even suggested in the text and must be dismissed as mere speculation. Jesus never sat in judgment on the city.

And then Haley says that the Israel represents any area where the Church will be. But there is no evidence of symbolism or of Jesus meaning people other than the real Israel and so he addressed the disciples personally when he said, “you will not preach”.

It is dishonest to deny that a text is literal when it is proved wrong in its literal sense. The Christians would not apply this method to any other silly book.

Matthew 24. In this Jesus says that Jerusalem will be destroyed and then himself, the Son of God, will return.

Haley says that from the prophet’s perspective the two events seem to happen at the one time though there is a huge interval (Alleged Discrepancies, page 132). But Matthew never said he saw this way – and what use is a jumbled vision? And Paul asserted that God never confuses. An unnecessary miracle is being supposed. God gives visions in such a way that the prophet can mistake them as referring to one event or time. That is irrational, any crank could set themselves up as a prophet if mixing up visions could be an excuse for error. And if the seer saw Jesus coming after Jerusalem was razed then the vision clearly told him that there was no interval. Why else would he be shown Jesus after seeing the city in ruins in his vision? What would be the point in the order of Matthew 24 which starts with the disaster for Jerusalem and then the aftermath and then says the second coming happens. When it describes the attack and the aftermath why would it jump to an event thousands of years away?

Luke 1:33. The kingdom of Jesus would never end. This claim is made because of a prophecy in Daniel (7:14).

This flies in the face of Paul’s prophecy that Jesus will give up the kingdom of God (1 Corinthians 15).

Haley says that Jesus will rule no more as Mediator but as God so he gives up the kingdom as mediator to God who is himself (Alleged Discrepancies, page 137). But if Jesus was God then he ruled as God and Mediator since he became a human being. Paul says that when God becomes all in all that the Son will become subject to God. But as Mediator he is already subject to God according to Paul so Haley’s twisted interpretation is wrong. What Paul means is that Jesus will be admitted into Heaven or God’s presence in the future so that he will be completely absorbed in God and will cease to have any authority of his own for God’s will and his will shall be fused as one. Obviously, Paul did not hold that Jesus was God.


Under divine inspiration, Paul wanted men to cease being proper husbands to their wives for the second coming was close (1 Corinthians 7:29-31).

1 Corinthians 15:51-53. This says that we will not all be dead when Jesus comes back. It says that Paul and Co who are mortal will put on immortality. You have to be alive and mortal to do that. It is nonsense to speak of a dead body being mortal and putting on immortality.

Haley says that we is just the human race in general who will be here when Jesus comes back. But in the context, the Church was told that Jesus could return anytime so we could be literally we. This is the simplest and therefore the true interpretation.

2 Thessalonians 2:2,3. Paul or an impostor says that people should not be shaken or annoyed when they receive letters that say the second coming is here for they are forgeries for the apostasy must take place first. That seems to refer to people who were writing letters claiming that Jesus had came back invisibly or anonymously.

The prophetic book of Revelation says that the prophet must publish it because the time of its fulfilment is close (22:10). Haley conveniently ignores this scripture because he knows that it would not be commanding this unless it was thought that Jesus was already on the way back to earth.

1 John 2:18 says that the Church knows it is the last hour when there are so many antichrists about. He says that they were Christians who were now teaching their own version of the gospel and claims that they never belonged to the Church though they pretended to be sincere believers. He is evidently saying that only those who are true Christians join the Church and never fall away and that those who do fall away never belonged. That is quite nasty and sanctimonious. Anyway, he has to mean that since there are so many apostates and heretics the end must be nigh. Their number must be huge indeed and most must have turned heretics when he could make the deduction from their great number that the end is nigh implying that God would have to destroy the world soon for if he didn’t there would soon be no true faith left. This warns us to be wary of Catholic tradition and to reject the totally insane and delusional view of the Catholic Church that there was only one Church in those days. There were almost as many Churches as heretics. John then proved himself to be a false prophet and the gospel he wrote has no authority and we are forbidden to treat the writings of false prophets as scripture.

The Book of Revelation said that the return would happen “in a little while” (22:6,7). God forbade the hiding of anything from any person, in the book for it was too near so it was wrong not to let people be ready (v10). He wanted the people warned in time so that they could avoid the disgusting punishments described in Revelation. God didn’t tell this in case Jesus would return. He couldn’t say Jesus might come back when he knew he wouldn’t be. That would be lying.

James who held great authority in the Church wrote that the Christians must be patient or lose heart for the Lord’s return is so near that he is as good as standing at the gates of your house. How could this mean that soon could be a thousand years? We should not assume James is talking from God’s perspective when a thousand years is short for he never claims to be writing scripture. He is talking from his own perspective. If he is not then we can read all our prejudices into the Bible and we can practice the dishonesty of taking a person to be speaking figuratively when there is no reason but our biased narrowness to think so. James is certainly showing that if the earthly Church had the prophecies about the second coming they knew they referred to a coming that was literally very close to happening.


The first Christians were instructed that the end is nigh (1 Peter 4:7; Revelation 22:20). The whole purpose of the end is nigh stuff was to teach that people must be ready at all times. What is the point of warning, “Jesus will soon be back”, when you don’t mean that he is to be expected back before you die? If you don’t mean that then what you say is, “Jesus will come back but it could be any time”. Paul or an impostor attacked this view and said that any letter that said the Lord’s coming had already happened was a fake (2 Thessalonians 2:2,3). Then it was asserted that this coming will not take place until the apostasy happens first which shows he rejects the idea that the Lord’s coming is nigh as well.

Haley who wrote a heap of drivel called Alleged Discrepancies of the Bible to prove that the Bible never contradicts itself and so must be God’s word denies that there is a contradiction in the New Testament saying that Jesus was coming soon and his coming being far off (page 134). It is most likely that there is a contradiction for one says the Lord is nigh and the other denies it is in both places. The wording is alike. That is the reply to Haley’s saying that the end is nigh means different things to different people. Also in 2 Thessalonians 1:5-8 says that God IS proving his justice in repaying those who persecute Christians for it is the retribution that will come to a head with the return of Jesus.

Haley says that since Jesus has gone he could be back anytime so in a sense the coming is near at hand for we are in the evening time of the world. But when they said that Jesus could return anytime anybody saying it is near must mean near in the literal sense of the word.


The New Testament is false scripture for it contains false prophecy and Jesus himself prophesied lies and errors. God cannot make mistakes about the future so God didn’t write the New Testament. Jesus was not the Son of God. He was not God. He showed no evidence that God was telling him the future. The Christians parade his prophecies as if they could be real predictions of the future but that is not enough. Even their interpretations mean nothing for they could as easily not be real predictions. Plus the Christians have to lie and distort things to hide the fact that there is no could be about it. The fact remains that they won't let the texts speak for themselves. The Christians have no right to come up with excuses for why texts saying Jesus is coming soon and be ready mean the coming could be far off for the New Testament not once says there will be much time for the world after its being written. The excuses are far-fetched and taken from thin-air. The prophecies are simply wrong. Christianity worships a false God. Why is it that there are plenty of miracle tales but no examples of somebody who really knows the future? That says a lot!

Christians, Jesus and his apostles were false prophets. Accept it.

The Amplified Bible

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