Daily for decades there is a new story accusing Catholics in good standing, particularly priests, of child abuse including murder.

No Christian preacher who got a confession from a person using their position in religion to abuse a child never mind Catholic priests ever revealed those confessions to save a child.  Why is the Christian faith so passive aggressive towards children?

From Sex, Priests and Secret Codes, The Catholic Church's 2,000 Year Paper Trail of Sexual Abuse. Thomas P Doyle. AWR Sipe. Patrick J Wall.

"Father Gerald Fitzgerald, who founded the Servants of the Paraclete in 1947, wrote in 1952 that he had already treated a handful of priests who abused minors. He found them 'lacking in appreciation of the seriousness of their offence and situation-in practice real conversions will be found to be extremely rare. Many bishops believe men are never free from the approximate danger once they have begun'" (page 54)

Comment: This refutes the claim made by some bishops that they did not understand that a paedophile is addicted which was why they just moved them from parish to parish

"Citing forty years of combined psychiatric practice treating about 1,500 priests, they concluded that 20-25 percent of North American priests had serious psychiatric difficulties and 60-70 percent suffered from emotional immaturity. They concluded that the psychosexual immaturity manifested itself in heterosexual and homosexual activity. Kennedy and Heckler stated that underdeveloped and maldeveloped priests (74 percent) had unresolved psychosexual problems and issues that are usually worked through in adolescence adding: Sexuality is, in other words, non-integrated into the lives of underdeveloped priests and many of them function at pre-adolescent or adolescent level of psychosexual growth. Sipe-based on interviews with 1,500 priests or their sexual partners-concluded that 6 percent of priests were sexually involved with minors, 20-25 percent with adult women, and 15 percent with adult men" page 58.

Comment: This hypocrisy is outrageous. The hypocrisy of the priesthood is too high thus the priesthood has no justified existence. The other problem is how the chaste priests must enable the problem by protecting the philandering ones.

"There is little doubt that on a diocese-by-diocese basis, common strategies were adopted to make sure that sexual abuse cases never became public. There is little evidence that church officials followed state reporting statutes or reported incidents of child abuse to civil authorities. Bishops - are the official teachers of the church truth and responsible for all that happens in the church" page 190

Comment: The bishops were so corrupt that they did not even need the Church to command them to cover up. Had the men who became popes never been elected and remained bishops they would have covered up too.

"I (name) cardinal of the Holy Roman Church, promise and swear-never to reveal to anyone whatosever has been confided to me to keep secret and the revelation of which could cause damage or dishonour to the Holy Church" page 205.

Comment: These are the men who can be elected pope and who choose the pope!

"In 1980, a study of homosexual priests conducted by a Catholic priest at the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality found that of a sample of fifty gay Catholic priests ranging from 27 to 58 years of age, only two or 4 percent, were abstaining from sex at that time. The number of previous same-sex partners for that sample ranged from 500 or more for 11 of the participants in the study, to fewer than 10 for 9 participants, and an average of 227 for each of the entire group. A total of 49, or 98 percent of the survey sample, stated they intended to continue living a gay lifestyle" page 211

"The church's lawyers are commanding hefty fees, and some find that it is in their interest to prolong negotiations and mediations even when it is clear that an alleged priest is guilty. Dioceses that claim bankruptcy should first disclose how much they have paid attorneys to wage long and complex battles that often end in settlements for the victims. Most outrageous is the fact that many dioceses and archdioceses and the USCCB as well, have contracted with expensive public relations firms to help spin the entire mess that the exposure of widespread abuse unleashed" page 258

"The John Jay study commissioned by the American bishops said that between 3 and 6 percent of Catholic priests abuse minors. They also cautioned that the figures they reported could not accurately determine the exact dimensions of the problem because of underreporting. The Boston Archdiocese admitted that 7.6 percent of its priests abused minors during the same period covered by the John Jay study (1950-2002). Because of further revelations, that percentage is now approaching 10 percent. Twenty-four percent of the priests serving in the diocese of Tucson, Arizona, in 1986 were sexual abusers" page 271

"Five functions of a diocesan priest in order of importance: First the priest was to preserve his image; his behaviour should not provide cause for scandal about the priesthood or the church. Second, a priest's most important function was to protect the income of the church" page 279

Comment: Interesting that image came first and money second. Even prayer was unimportant compared to those things. What kind of men would have subjected themselves to such rules?

"One courageous, completely honest bishop who could lift his head above the crowd would be worth more than all the PR campaigns put together. Of course all Christians know what it would cost: Another crucifixion!" page 280

"Pontifical Secret: the strictest form of secrecy in church law. It is imposed on everybody who participates in an official investigation into allegations of sexual abuse of minors by a priest" page 339

Comment: The pontifical secret is about the duty to obey the pope and keep the secrets of the Church even if the secrets do great harm to innocent children.

The scandal of priestly sexual child abuse was never exposed by any priests – the victims had to do that. No priest spoke out about what he knew. The bishops generally moved offenders to new parishes when a complaint surfaced and thus the abuse continued. In many cases, they got rid of the incriminating paper trail.

Each bishop has priests who work for him in the Diocesan office to help him run the diocese. These people know of abuse allegations and have said nothing. Catholic morality is demanding and hard for many and especially the poor. Men who make such high demands should make higher demands on themselves.

Any priest can become a bishop. When did a priest break ranks to have abusing priests jailed? And when they become bishops they are no better.

The priests joined a profession that did not give them guaranteed contact with children. So why did they join the priesthood if they were paedophiles? It is as if their priesthood somehow causes paedophilia. Child abuse is likely when in an unhealthy society or church, when you have an unhealthy psychological state and have an unhealthy attitude towards sex and love.

The priests feel little revulsion for clerical child molesters which raises the question why? Do they all want to molest children even if they don‘t carry out that desire?

The Church has sought to use the excuse that some decades ago - that it thought that paedophilia was a mental disorder and couldn’t be cured. Its own canon law says it is a crime. The Church lies. The Church always believed it was a crime and that paedophiles were generally responsible for their actions. The Church likes to say that there is no direct link between celibacy and priestly paedophilia. But sometimes there will be. That has to be remembered. And if there is no direct link in many cases, what about an indirect link? The pope would not abolish celibacy if there was a link.

The Church makes such serious claims that we have the right to expect the Church to live up to its standards 110%. And especially when they claim the right to make us Catholics when we are babies unable to speak for ourselves and force a Catholic education on us. For a Catholic to reprimand somebody for not believing in God or obeying the Church would be sheer bigotry. Jesus made the same point when he declared that unless the holiness of his listeners surpasses the holiness of the Scribes and the Pharisees they will not see the Kingdom of Heaven - he means they are refusing to join the Kingdom for they are refusing to love properly.

Jesus said the Pharisees only prayed to be seen by others and praised. He didn't say they prayed to be seen. He said they ONLY prayed to be seen. Jesus was advocating a black and white judgementalism. Reasonable people know that we have a variety of motives for what we do. For example, nobody prays simply to be seen. They pray to feel good as well. They pray to impress upon others the perceived benefits of prayer. The Church upholds Jesus as a standard who is meant to be reflected by the priests thus it is asking for its sinful priests to be seen only as hypocrites. What else could they be?

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