A person who is dead for a week and comes back to life is naturally impossible. If it happens, it is thought to be a miracle.

Miracles need really good evidence.  It is because they try to stand out from what you would expect of nature and there is a potential for people to be led astray by false miracles and tricks to worry about.

So very tight evidence is needed.  But do not forget it is not enough to seek it for one.  The task is worse than that.  In fact, it is so difficult it is not worth taking up so you may as well assume miracles should be regarded as nothing more than perhaps interesting and leave it at that.

In fact the way people pick a miracle such as Jesus' resurrection and go about trying to show it happened indicates they have made up their minds that the miracle happened before they sought evidence.  The evidence is not about being evidence but about them wanting to look smart.

So why is the task so impossible?

In Catholicism, you have people who allegedly have witnessed miracles or visions. The New Testament says that the apostles saw how Jesus lived after his death. Take a mundane miracle healing. It testifies to other miracles for it is part of a worldview that reports many miracles and which claims to be informed by them. The miracle vision testifies itself to other miracles and becomes a miracle witness itself. For example, you see Jesus and he says men and women are living in Heaven where all they have around them is a miracle. So one claimed miracle, the healing/vision, is really a collective of miracle claims. It is not one event but part of a series.

That is too much work.  Experts can be manipulative and you have to try and do it for yourself.  You should always check up as far as you can on an expert.

Religion says that God cannot keep interfering with nature or keep doing miracles otherwise science could not be done. So God must respect science then. He does not respect it enough not to do the miracle at all. When a miracle happens such as when you see Jesus you have no idea there and then if the regularity of nature as determined by science is continuing everywhere else. What if some magical being like your Jesus is appearing in every village in the world right now?  You will find out that magic has not taken all over but that is not the point.  What happens until you check the news?

That is a good way to show how big a miracle claim is.  It is anarchic.  It needs seriously good evidence.

Unless you do the evidence yourself, you are being foolish.  That this may be unrealistic is not the point.  The point is that evidence is needed when evidence is needed no matter how incompetent the investigators are.  It is needed even more then.

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