Getting your babies baptised is bad news because:
 # Baptism of a baby involves promising to make the child a believing committed Christian and supposedly makes the child a member of the Church and puts spiritual forces into the child. Baby baptism is the number one reason the Church has so much influence and is so efficient at communication all over the world. For example, it is part of Catholicism's argument justifying Catholic schools.

# The baptism has so many nasty implications that you surely cannot have the nerve to pretend that you are sure the forces going into the child are good ones! Religion is undeniably not all-good so how do you know that the spirit given in baptism or meant to be given is really good? If you don't believe in magic, think about how people are degrading your child by being willing to hurt the child through magic. That is still happening.

# The argument that you choose baptism and Christianity for the child by having her or him baptised but the child is free to reject the faith and the baptism later is pathetic. What if the child dies? Don't underestimate the power of religion to condition a child. Don't risk it. The child needs good training not religion. If you really believe you want your child to be free, you will not mind if she is baptised or not.

#If you think religion is just opinion and so if a child accepts or rejects it then that is okay, that means you cannot get them baptised. Baptism is saying it is not okay if the child rejects the faith and denies that religion is mere opinion but is to be taken extremely seriously. And as we will see the faith is not exactly harmfree in its content and there are unintended bad consequences as well (eg Protestants have discriminated against people baptised in the Catholic Church). And if a religion is man-made it is harmful in itself. It is not fair to have people running after a man-made God and wasting their love on him no matter how good it makes them feel. It is corrupt to let this happen and more corruption will follow.

#If you are serious about a child's choice, she will be baptised into a religion that takes her off the books and celebrates if she finds a faith that suits her better. It will give her the right to defect.

#John I baptise you makes no sense when spoken to a baby. It is a lie.

#God is that which claims to be the source of love and the one thing we should care about, others are only cared about for his sake. Nobody has the right to make such an extreme and grave commitment for a child. And especially when there is no way to prove that God's word really is God's and not man's. Thus it is not true that you follow any religion for God and not for man. If a religion teaches any of God's truth it does it because man says so and not God. Also, if God does not exist then we are actually worshipping what we see of nature as if it were the work of God. We worship nature which is red in tooth and claw and condone its evil. This is a very serious matter considering how much suffering there is in the universe.

#The Church says parents have to speak for the child at baptism and accept it for the child as if they were the child. You cannot choose a religion for your child for you are not your child. Yes you choose what food or vaccines to get for your child. But you do this because somebody has to choose and not because you are making a choice as if you are your child.

# It assumes the child needs forgiveness from God and claims that when a child is baptised God and the child start a spiritual love relationship. If it did not judge the child as anti-God it would not be necessary and could wait until the child can make a mature decision. The judging of a child as having original sin is extraordinary in an age that sees how bad judging is.

# It violates the fact that you must never accuse anybody of being estranged from God especially a child. Religion should be spelled out in such a way that no harm is done should the religion prove to be false.

#It is evil to dedicate a child to a God or religion that accuses her or him of original sin. There are many other dreadful doctrines in Christianity and despite making very serious claims, the faith does not care to give satisfactory evidence to support these claims. That is abusive and only leads to chaos for people will see through this con. It is insane to imagine that such a religion will be good for your child - it is good in the way daily junk food is good but there will come a day when the health will be ruined.

#It is evil to say baptism gives the supernatural gift of faith in Christianity to the child for that is saying that God should reject or punish the child if she grows up to be a Muslim or atheist! It would mean the child has nobody to blame for herself if her Christian faith does not flourish or becomes heretical.

#A religion that cares about your consent will not accept converts easily. It will not accept them until it is sure they have examined the reasons for staying out of the religion and found them wanting. If we were all given a fair and real choice between different religions few of us would choose Catholicism. There is no room for the notion that the child would probably choose the church if able so it is not intended to be a form of taking advantage.

#If baptism is a man-made superstition it has no real authority to forgive sin or subject you to the membership or law of any Church. It is as meaningful as a man declaring that he said a prayer that gives him ownership of all the souls in the world.

#People can live good lives without being religious. It is vindictive to make duties that can be done without or to impose them on a child. Yet this is done when the child is baptised. It is taking advantage of babies to baptise them into Catholicism. Church responsibilities and duties are imposed on them. That is to say judgement is required if they neglect them. Baptising a child into the Catholic Church is urging and committing the child to grow up believing he must obey the canon law of the Church. This has consequences for the child. The child is obligated to oppose abortion even if hypothetically it saves 999 out of every 1000 women. The child is obligated to believe that if he dies in sin he should suffer forever in Hell. The child is obligated to obey the Church's laws about marriage. He cannot contract a same-sex marriage. He cannot remarry if his valid Catholic marriage breaks down and the wife is still alive. He will be barred from any position in the Church if he disagrees with Church teaching. If he condemns Jesus for defending the savage God of the Old Testament he becomes a blasphemer under church law. The child is obligated to go to Mass on Sundays and Holydays on pain of grave sin. He will be obligated to learn religion from the Church instead of having a real religious education which tells you the pros and cons of faith and celebrates your decision to leave the Church if you wish. The Church claims the right to punish those who break the law of the Church and who won't repent. It isn't always able to punish but it is the principle that counts. Nobody has the right to seal a child in a law like that! The answer to the problem of how baptism puts you under Church law is, “But the Church is a family. A family needs rules. Yet the family is more important than any rules.”That is only an excuse. A family being a family does not mean the rules don't matter enough. A family can have bad or silly rules that need opposition. And the reality is the Church is NOT A FAMILY. If you end up homeless in a strange country, you will not be able to call on Catholics in that country the way you can call on your own flesh and blood.

#A child should have the right to sue the parents who put her in a religion of lies and deceit without her consent. Or you could sue the priest who wanted you enrolled in the system of conditioning created by the Church and got your parents to make an uninformed choice and then splashed you.

CONCLUSION: Do the right thing. Resist any pressure to have your baby baptised. I don't believe any parent would bring their child for baptism if they read this article and were informed correctly and honestly.

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