Babies are not born in original sin but in original perfection

People when they hear that baptism makes the baptised person, usually a baby, born again usually think it is not as drastic as it sounds.  It is not a repeat birth but the first birth in the eyes of God.  You are a literal creation there and then.  He cannot tolerate you as you are so you are just born - it is not "another" birth.  This implies a very severe rejection of how we are humans with original sin.  To the atheist it is a rejection of human nature.

 The idea that you create yourself by your actions and don’t have a fixed human nature is non-Christian. Original sin says you have a nature that is set in a damaged way and can only be modifieds not corrected fully.  Original sin is the view that when we come into our existence, we come in antagonistic to God and unnacceptable to him.  Adam and Eve supposedly chose that it must be that way so they get the blame.

This sin, called original sin is merely a religious assumption rejected by most religions and therefore most religious experts. Religion has no right to accuse any child of carrying this sin – you need proof to say things like that and it doesn’t have it for it only believes in it. Original sin is often assumed to be the same as the bias towards hurting others to gratify ourselves. It is not. The bias is alleged to be a consequence by the doctrine of original sin. Baptism is not about healing the bias so much as taking away the sin.
The person that wants to be a racist has a wonderful excuse when he believes that a person of another colour or nation who isn’t baptised is in some way inferior or bad.
To accept the teaching of original sin is to put negative energy into the environment and heart of the child. Those who preach original sin virtually create original sin! You say the child has been healed of it is baptism. But that implies conditional acceptance. "If you were not baptised I would regard you as in some way defective and maybe as a threat to me."
If God is really good he can forgive original sin without baptism and he would. By letting it effect us at all he proves himself worse than the Devil for the Devil only asks you to sin but God gives you the inclination to frequently rebel. He made the laws that caused original sin. Having a sin blotting you doesn't necessarily mean that you have a bias towards sin. God then made the weakness towards sin. Baptism dedicates the baby to a God of hypocrisy and deceit and therefore it is a bad affirmation and it draws a curse on the victim. To believe or suspect that your baby has original sin and needs baptism is afflicting the baby with affirmations that it is bad and that it should be devoted to a dangerous god. This curse must be reversed and has caused so much distress and misery and death in the world. One should never let their child be baptised - nothing can justify it. The mind of a baby is psychically open. The baby does not have the mental baggage and the voice in the head that is continually chattering that grown-ups have.
Original sin is not a curse but belief in it is - do not invite this curse into your heart. Whisper love affirmations to the baby. Feel the love for the baby in your heart and lay your hands on her or him and imagine the love flowing into her or him through your hands.

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