Today the word trans includes nonbinary people.

They will see themselves as both male and female in some way.  Some days male will dominate and other days it will be female.  Nonbinary may see that the body does not match the mind like they are disconnected from the body.  Hormones and surgery may be necessary to affirm a person who is nonbinary.

The Journal of Adolescent Health in 2019 declared that about a third of TGD, transgender and gender diverse, adults and 40 per cent of TGD youth identify as nonbinary.
An example of a neuro gender is a person who denies that they are male or female.  They are not just denying it.  That is their experience.

Gender dysphoria is the body not matching the gender. So you are connected to the body but the wrong way.  This gives rise to marked distress and there may be a risk of suicide.  A transgender person needs to be affirmed in their male or female gender. Nonbinary will suffer distress at being treated as male or female. 

Trans and nonbinary sense that there is a mismatch and thus they feel entitled and compelled to add/emove sexual organs that they see as birth defects. To give them the help they seek necessarily entails holding that you affirm who they are. In other words, don't help them change their bodies to save them from suicide.  They will feel they forced you.  They will not feel valid.  Don't help them change their bodies for it will make them happier.  Nothing guarantees happiness.  Affirm their right to own their own bodies and you must feel their identities are valid and true.  That sincerity is part of the treatment for their dysphoria.  Don't trigger it.  Having treatment can be extremely painful and they may struggle with themselves and they need validation to help get through it,

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