Christians say that those who die estranged from God will unavoidably go to Hell to suffer punishment forever and there is no hope for them.

If God did not exist there would be no eternal damnation. It would be certainly be wrong then for anybody to be damned eternally. Religion is saying that it is right just because God exists and that shows what a malevolent doctrine Hell is. If it would be wrong when God does not exist then it would be wrong if he does for God has all he wants and the Church says that he is perfectly happy. It is totally unnecessary. The saints are evil if they approve of the damnations. They should not approve of God’s existence if God means there has to be eternal punishment.
There is no reason why they should wish God exists. All things could exist without him for there is no proof for him. One good work is infinitely good if it is done for a God who is mistakenly thought to exist so infinite good can exist without God. So there is no justification for approving of the existence of God. Without proof that it can be justified, nobody has the right to ask us to believe in Hell and it is a vindictive doctrine.
Heaven is as much the domain of evil as Hell is supposed to be. When this is true then it is clear that we should gloat if a person will go to Hell and especially if they are already in it. Hell logically leads to hatred.

The suggestion based on the idea that Hell is our fault and not God’s insists that there would be no real free will without Hell (page 94, Arguing with God) which implies that if there is no God there should still be a Hell – for since it is best if there is a God and if there is none we should live as if there was one and maybe even believe in one - and we should set up one which is crazy. The Hell doctrine is thoroughly evil and what makes it worse is that everybody agrees that the will is conditioned so nobody can be fully evil for something is making them attracted to evil which leads to them committing it.

Why be good to get into Heaven when it is as immoral as Hell? It is worse to sin when you are happy so Heaven must be more immoral than Hell. When Heaven is not nice and holy it is a den of hate-filled beings who just think of poor God when they see the souls in Hell. Christianity says we should only love others for the sake of God so God is all they are supposed to care about. They are just sorry that God never got service from the damned. And God is happy and cannot be hurt and all they care about is him and not the suffering screaming damned. I would not like to say what I think of that.

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