Prayer makes no difference for monarchs are prayed for both for their wellbeing in this world and their spiritual betterment and they end up no better or worse off than if they were never prayed for. The good feeling then that comes with prayer comes with it but cannot be caused by it unless:

You really think your prayer will get you special treatment from God unlike everybody else.

You forget that you are just as helpless at the end of the day as everybody else is.

Either way the good feeling is not really good. It is an insult to yourself, to your right to know what you have to face so you can take action, and an insult to everybody else particularly dying children.

The saying that good things happen to good people and bad things to bad people on the face of its seem to be saying that if you are good you will be rich and healthy and if you are bad you will be poor and ill. It says there can be a correlation but it is not saying there always is. But it is being definite in something. It is definite in saying that a good person sees everything as a gift and as good and sees suffering as bootcamp that they can win at. It leads to victim blaming and condoning everything that is bad in the world in the name of thinking all is part of a good plan. It follows that if you don’t deserve what happens to you it is still just and fair in the sense that it is a challenge and you do deserve a challenge.  Even that is a cruel view.  You may as well just say they deserve it.  You are still saying they ask for it.

The main cause of such thinking is prayer. Even if you don’t pray but think people should that is enough to make you to blame.

God is said to be the ground of morality but he is not for you have to start of assuming there is a God.  Nobody believes anything right away. It starts off as an assumption and many of our beliefs are just assumptions.  But it is a terrible thing to just assume there is a God for that is saying that we cause all the evil in the world by abusing free will so God is innocent.  That is why any attempt to base morality on God or vice versa is just incoherent.  The reason you pray is that you think there is a fair and good God so prayer is hardly good when it offers such a sweet-toned insult to the whole of human kind.

Considering that religion is divisive and full of discrimination, it is very strange that Christians pray to religious outsiders such as Jesus and Mary!  Is that not asking for trouble?  Maybe that is why prayer makes no difference!  No matter what you think about the problem of evil and suffering that God lets happen praying for help is as strange as pleading with a doctor to help you when he has only medicine for three and you are just one of a hundred people in need.

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