Since the early heretic Marcion's effort to excise any traces of Judaism from Jesus's religion, echoes of his attitude has seeped into the Church to this day.

The facts are in though.

"Here’s one final, commonsense fact: if Jesus, as many caricatures of him suggest, really represented a radical break with Jewish teaching, there is simply no plausible way he would have garnered such a massive following among his fellow Israelites. No one would have believed that he was the promised Messiah if he had rejected the Law of Moses!  It seems reasonable, then, to believe the opposite, which is exactly what Jesus set out to do: not to abolish the law but to fulfill it (Matt. 5:17)" from

Today, it is only too easy for Christians to forget the Jewish roots of their religion. The book whose teaching they consider to be the teaching of God thanks to his divine inspiration, the Bible, tells them that the Jewish Law or the Torah, the first five books of the Bible, given by God to Moses is to be followed even today by all who call themselves children of Abraham. Christians claim to be children of Abraham.

When the Jews cried they wanted to be accountable for killing Jesus in the gospel of Matthew, many Christians used this as an excuse for persecuting and butchering the people their God first made his own.

Since the very start there have been many Christians who have loathed the Jews. The monstrous, St John Chrysotom, used to chant that he hated them. Persecution began when the dreadful Constantine feigned conversation to Catholicism in the third century.

Many popes hated the Jews too. In 1555, the wine-bibbing Pope Paul IV published a bull called Cum Nimis Absurdum. It demanded that they be treated as slaves and locked away in ghettos. Their books were burnt by rabid Catholics though surprisingly they were allowed one synagogue in every city.

In the last century, Pius IX, had no sense of justice towards the Jews and even had Jewish babies kidnapped for the purpose of brainwashing them into becoming ardent Roman Catholics.

There is some evidence that the Catholic and many other cults plotted with the Nazis to exterminate the Jews during World War Two. Pius XII did not say a word while Hitler slaughtered the Jews. He could have saved them by breaking his silence but he was too evil to. It might have done little good but it should have been tried.  His not speaking out shows how little faith he actually had.

Despite their antagonism towards the Jews, the Christians follow a religion that is supposed to tell them to become Jews. How ironic.  The letter to the Romans says that a Jew is a person who has never sinned or has been redeemed meaning that all Jews were not really Jews in the sight of God.

Catholicism, Orthodoxy and Protestantism have rejected Judaism out of badness and not because what they consider to be divine revelation told them to. Early Christianity was a Jewish sect. True Christianity would still observe the Jewish religion, with its feasts, Sabbaths, sacrifices and rites. This book proves that modern Christianity has forsaken authentic Christianity. I hope that it converts Christians to make another great division in the Church so that confusion may reign and Atheism may grow.

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