Does challenging superstition or faith protect people?
Is it mistaken to support organised religion in membership or donations?
If people do good because they are human, not because God prompts them,
is it right to risk giving God any credit when they alone own their good?


Examples of Gravely Occult Prayers to the Necromantic Saints of Roman Catholicism

The Roman Catholic Church does more than just ask saints to pray for her to God. She lies that praying to saints is only praying to God through them or praying with them. But the actual prayers often tell a different story. The saints in some cases are like minor deities and sometimes they are regarded as sovereign over God. The Bible condemns such paganism as a grave sin. And where paganism thrives necromancy follows. Necromancy is using powers to manipulate and degrade the dead in order to get them to do magic for you. The God of Moses prescribed death by stoning for that sin.

The religion insists that we do not pray to God to inform him that somebody needs help.  It says he already knows.  Those who pray to saints certainly see themselves as informing the saint.  God must take the prayer to the saint and then the saint asks God to help.  This is so clumsy that it is clearly a sign that God is not enough for you.

Catholicism uses necromantic prayers. Here is a Catholic prayer that shows that in principle the Church is not opposed to getting psychically or supernaturally delivered information from beings who are not God,

"Angel of God my guardian dear, to whom God's love commits me here. Ever this day be at my side. To light and guard and rule and guide. Amen."

It is perfectly acceptable for a Catholic to change Angel of God to the name of a dead "holy" person such as John Paul II or Blessed John XXIII or the notorious murder monger St Dominic Guzman.
That is a Spiritism beyond any practiced by Spiritualists who do not want the spirits around them all day.

"Our Lady is the surest, the easiest, the shortest and most perfect means of going to Jesus Christ" - St Louis de Montfort
[Note: The Holy Spirit is bypassed in favour of Mary. Whoever thinks that it is not enough to go to Jesus directly is really just praying to Mary while pretending it brings him closer to Jesus. If Jesus is as approachable and understanding and as human as the Bible says there is no need for Mary. To go to her is really bypassing Jesus while pretending that this bypassing isn't happening. Indeed the only Jesus it can bring one close to is the one in one's head not the real one. The Catholic Church believes Jesus is physically present in the Eucharist or communion. To say that you need Mary to go to Jesus is strange if the Church really believes one is united with Jesus in tremendous intimacy by receiving communion. Clearly then one must keep one's focus on Mary even then. That is like having sex with your wife while looking at your wife's mother and giving her the attention.]

Prayer of Pope Pius XII which he composed for the Marian Year “Oh Immaculate Mother of Jesus and our Mother Mary … O Conqueress of evil and death, inspire in us a deep horror of sin, which makes the soul detestable to God and a slave of Hell!”
This prayer implies that we do not have a deep horror of sin and need it. So we must be sinners and hated by God. Mary is prayed to because God hates us. She has a civilising influence on God. Also, she is asked to INSPIRE. Even if it were okay to pray to saints, to ask them to ask God to inspire you, asking them to inspire you as if by telepathy is spiritism.
The Church approved the apparitions of Mary, Flame of Love in Hungary. Mary said, ""My children, the Arm of my Divine Son is ready to strike. I can barely hold it back. Help me! If you invoke my Flame of Love, we can save the world together."
Unless you pray to her the magic flame will not generate the power to help and control Jesus!

Consecration to Our Lady by Pope John Paul II
Immaculate Conception, Mary my Mother
Live in me, act in me.
Speak in and through me.
Think your thoughts in my mind.
Love through my heart.
Give me your dispositions and feelings.
Teach, lead and guide me to Jesus.
Correct and enlighten and expand my thoughts and behaviour.
Possess my soul and take over my entire personality and life.
Replace it with yourself.
Incline me to constant adoration and thanksgiving.
Pray in and through me.
Let me live in you and keep me in this union always. Amen.
[Note: This prayer is the most extreme ever composed to the Virgin Mary. It calls out for possession and for telepathic spirit communication. Instead of asking God to help you become like her, it asks her to do the guiding and living in you personally. With a prayer like that, it shows there are problems relating to God. If you cannot go directly to your saviour and need a prop in order to approach him or even worse need somebody else to do it for you, then there are serious problems. It shows that as the gospel of John says, that you fear and hate the light - God- for he shows up your sins.]
St Patrick's Community's Parish Mission Book, page 17 promotes this prayer.
Pope Francis in October 2014 regarding guardian angels: “Do I listen to them? Do I say, ‘Good morning,’ in the morning? Do I say, ‘Watch over me while I sleep’? Do I talk to them? Do I ask advice?” By implication the Church believes in spirit communication from saints too.

The Bible does not give much hope that the righteous are really going to Heaven and Jesus continually warned about Jewish leaders who commit great sacrifice for religion but who are in fact not truly good in the sight of God.  They pray for hours to be seen.  People would say that they must be sincere enough when they go to all that effort but Jesus says it does not matter. So there is no way to be sure that somebody really is a saint.  Catholics have canonised scores and scores of evil people like murderous St Dominic.  The patron of Catholic schools covered up for sex abuse by the Church.  John Paul II should have been in jail for virtually rewarding clerical sex abuse. Mother Teresa was anything but truly good.  Old Testament saints like Moses were unrepentant mass murderers.  Thus it is clear that the Church advocates praying to people who are probably damned in Hell and devoted to Satan.  It cannot use good intentions as an excuse.  It knows what these people are. 

The saints are chiefly canonised for their love for the Mass.  If the Mass is demonic and occult then they are not saints but they are demons now. 

During possession, the entity often says it is the soul of a dead person controlling the body of a living victim.  Is saint worship the reason such people are nearly always Catholics? 

The Church says that Jesus risen and glorious is present in the Mass under the appearance of bread and wine when the priest reenacts the last supper where Jesus said bread was his body and wine was his blood.  But at that point the priest uses Jesus' words saying the bread is his body which will be given up for you or is being give for you.  The same with the wine called his blood - bread and wine are blessed separately as Jesus' flesh and blood were separated when he bled on the cross.  If the consecration of the Mass says it is the dead murdered body of Jesus then Catholic doctrine that it is the living risen Jesus is covering that up. And it does say that.  Liturgical actions speak louder than Church decrees about doctrine or even catechisms.  It would not be the first case where a religion's public doctrine is not its real doctrine.  It follows the Church does not really intend to make the living Jesus present. It is obvious why trying to turn bread and wine into the dead body of Jesus and his dead blood is necromantic and occult. It is sorcery.  A dead Jesus cannot feed your soul and its disrespectful to him to try to make him present.  It is grave-robbing.  It is bringing about the dead Jesus or there is no change at all intended if this cannot be done and the Church knows it. It says it cannot be done. So there is a problem with intention: the Church does not intend to give us Jesus but bread that it pretends is Jesus or it intends to give us a dead impotent Jesus.  It is like Jesus' corpse is used against him as a living saviour who lives in us.

Calling up the undead as in vampire matches what the Catholic Church is doing in the Mass.  When occultists used to try to trap demons and dead people in the light of a candle so that they could get signs and omens they were unaware that the parish priest was doing something similar!

The Church says that to take communion without seeing that it is Jesus or taking it while having declared yourself independent of God by serious sin or opposition to God is you eating and drinking judgement to yourself.  The New Testament warns that doing this causes grave illness and even death.  The sacrament has vindictive overtones.