The gospels cannot be telling us all about what the risen Jesus experience was like.  There are overtones of possible necromancy.  Were they calling Jesus up or was somebody doing it?

Why is God so severe in relation to necromancy? Why does he want the sin abhorred and its practitioners destroyed?

It is not because necromancy is trying to force the dead to do anything. Even the most devoted necromancer claims that the dead only help if they wish or allow themselves to be forced if they wish. No necromancer can risk being thought able to force the dead to appear for if he is a fraud he will soon be found out. It is better to take peoples' money and try to communicate with the dead and if nothing happens just say the dead didn't wish to speak or see the need to.

Necromancy is not about forcing in the proper sense. It is mad to think that the necromancer is trying to make the dead appear whether they want to or not. No necromancer says they can do that. They claim that the dead speak if they want to. And if the dead don’t want to they can still use psychic power to tell the necromancer what he or she wants to know.

Catholics say the dead always want you to communicate with them. The Roman Catholic Church claims to be the Church on earth, in Purgatory and in Heaven so it is all one Church. It is not three parts of the Church. The Church is one part only. This is the doctrine of the communion of saints where all are united intimately. If the communion with Purgatory and Heaven is necromantic then the Church is thoroughly necromantic.

God does not allow you to go to spirits rather than him for answers. But many necromancers claim that God has arranged things this way so it is not necessarily shutting him out. Catholics say that God likes us to use intermediaries. But maybe necromancy is condemned because God does not approve of what does not bring us straight to him without priests and without saints? God wants us to forget about intermediaries and to use them is to insult his will and is hidden idolatry for the messenger is more important than the message in a real sense. If God exists, he cannot be as important as the people you trust to relay his message and truth to them.

Religion and revelation transmitted second-hand are idolatry by default.

It could be that only God can call up the dead not the necromancer. But no necromancer believes that he calls the dead up without a gift from God. Catholics also say that the saints cannot listen to you except by the power of God. Necromancers who claim to use their own power still say that God created that power and gave it to them. The problem cannot be that they are trying to commune with the dead with their own power.

If necromancy involves trying to know the future there is no harm in asking God to show you the future through a saint or whatever for it is left up to him to decide if he should let you know.

It could be that only demons help the necromancers. There is no reason to think this for necromancy need not be anti-God or cruel. And talking to demons need only be a problem if you take them too seriously and do not check them out.

The only problem that God can have with necromancy is that he wants people to go directly to him and it has God using intermediaries. This means that praying to the saints or souls in Purgatory is necromancy.

We are horrified at the thought that God will send torment for all eternity on those who have died in serious sin. Many of the saints had a huge horror of sin that they grew ill if they saw somebody sinning and they regarded their own little flaws as huge dramatic evils. The Church argues that their example proves how horrible sin is and how it forces God to sent torment though he is infinite love. The theory is that it leaves God with no choice. Clearly the saints are really manifestations of evil and fanaticism and to engage with them is to deliberately consort with evil spirits. Nobody has the right to accuse somebody of being capable of forcing God to torment them forever. Do you want to become the image of a God or a saint who agrees with your friends and family possibly being salted with such torment forever? Love the sinner and hate the sin is useless if it cannot stop you agreeing that even your own mother should be tormented forever if she asks for it? Why bother when it makes you a tacit torturer?


The Roman Catholic Church says it adores Jesus as the Risen God and prays to saints because the Bible commands it and the Bible is the word of God. God and man wrote it together so it is fully human and fully divine. This doctrine actually demands that the authors become God and yet stay themselves to work which is magic and is totally contradictory. The Church won’t admit this though. The authors need psychic powers to write what God wants for the inspiration theory says they could write what they wanted and were not like typewriters. So when a necromantic book that claims an inspiration that blasphemes God commands saint worship and says Jesus rose and communicated after his demise it cannot want us to disapprove of these necromantic activities. It is being hypocritical if it forbids them.


In the contest between Elijah, God's prophet, and the Prophets of Baal, Elijah is vindicated by Yahweh.  Baal and Yahweh are tested so Baal is shown to be unable to help.  Elijah then murdered the pagan prophets of Baal for worshiping false gods and for giving false messages from the divine. It is pointed out how the Law of God commands that false prophets even among the Jews be slain. Baal in the account reads more like a superhuman saint than a god.  The prophet suggests that maybe he is not answering prayer for he is asleep.  Pagans talked about gods when they meant saints.  The harsh penalty suggests that these gods are in fact in some way very dangerous.  Catholics say that the gods are not real but worshipping them still leads to you being manipulated by Satan who is very real! 

Baal could have been like other pagan gods and considered to have been a human being who was deified and given a role in Heaven.

The Bible gives strong and serious condemnations against necromancy. In Deuteronomy 18 it condemns those who consult ghosts, it says nothing about the future, and who seek oracles as necromancers and says that these people are an abomination in the sight of the Lord. Most people who consult ghosts prefer to do it without trying to hear voices and see the ghost. They want the ghost to put the answer in their minds for that is all that is needed anyway. But they are still calling up the dead and doing necromancy. They want the ghost to hear them and they seek help from the ghost.

Moreover, in that chapter God condemns the person who is a medium or a spiritist or who consults the dead. He says such a person is hated by him. But why all the “ors”. Is a medium the same as a spiritist? Is a person who talks to the dead different? I think the answer is yes and invoking dead people or saints is seen as a sin. The person is not being a medium or spiritist but is consulting the dead and that is a sin. That can only mean a person who prays to the dead. Leviticus 19:26 says that divination is a sin. But the feeling you get that your prayer is heard and dealt with is divination!

It is not certain that Jesus really is alive and the evidence is futile so Christianity is pure necromancy when it comes to him. It even seeks the feeling that he is around for it says now that he is risen he is more with us than ever! It's communing with a dead man.

Leviticus 20:27 says that mediums and fortune-tellers are to be put to death on God’s orders by stoning and that they have nobody but themselves to blame for their deaths. That is the way you would talk if somebody attacked you to kill you and you killed them first. You would say they were to blame for their death and nobody else because they forced you to defend yourself by killing them. So psychics forced the Hebrews to kill them. We know they did not for they don’t do that much harm and the harm can be legally restricted but God does not allow us to see this. If they force you to execute them and do it cruelly by stoning it indicates that God must still regard it as a duty to destroy them and not just destroy them but to give them a lingering death. Love is the Law in both the Old and New Testaments which means it is not love to let them live. They must be very dangerous indeed. The Catholic Church claims their doctrines draw you into everlasting punishment in Hell so they would say that is the reason for the severe condemnations and penalties.

In 1 Samuel 28, the Witch of Endor calls up the dead prophet Samuel’s ghost and she alone can see it and she gets a message from it for King Saul. It is not said that she tried to force him to appear. It is not said that he came against his will. She may just have asked him to appear and he did. Mediums say they all do that. She didn’t do anything different from a Catholic who might call on a saint to show their presence by doing some good work for them or perform some wonder.

So dealing with the dead is one of the most emphatically and fanatically forbidden sins in the Bible. The sin is so hated by God that he would not want us to do anything that might be necromantic such as praying to the saints for we can live without praying to them.

The Bible at Romans 8:26 states that we are too weak to know how to pray as we ought so the Holy Spirit intercedes for us to make up for that. Praying to the saints undermines that idea totally. It is trying to ignore the Spirit so as to get lesser beings to do the interceding. If you believe the Spirit patches up what you do wrong in prayer, you will not invoke a saint. If you pray to a saint, then is the Holy Spirit fixing the faults so that the prayer will reach the saint perfected and persuasive? So the Holy Spirit then virtually prays to saints too!

The Catholics deny that human nature is a sin nature or that humans are sinful by nature which means the Bible teaching that they are sinful by nature is being rejected and Catholicism cannot be considered a genuine Christian Church. Those who do not see that they are sinners by nature cannot be saved. They cannot be saved for they cannot bond with God for he is pure goodness. This is the clear Bible teaching. It would mean that the Catholic Church invoking the presence of the saints is invoking demons for the saints seen sin in terms of actions and not in what it makes a person to be.

Praying to saints implies distrust in the Holy Spirit. It is blasphemy. And the severe penalties for becoming chums with the dead show how much God opposes it.

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