Religion says God asks for faith and faith is meant to complement his gift of reason.

Why can't God give us better evidence from archaeology about what Jesus's life and death would have been like?

Why have only two cases of crucifixion remains ever been found?  

One was found 1968 in the cemetery Giv’at ha-Mivtar near Jerusalem. There should be a few more examples from the Holy Land but there is not. The reason is that if you were crucified you were thrown in the thrash as a criminal and burnt. As we learn from the website, superstition said that the nails used had magical powers so they stole the remains to get the nails. Also nails were not cheap and there was money to be made. The theft problem may have caused the Romans to implement the use of ropes. The victim who was tied to a cross or nailed was going to die of asphyxiation so the nails didn’t hugely matter.

The next case of crucifixion remains being found was from southern Italy. A man was just dumped in a grave. He had no belongings with him and the indications are that nobody had given him any dignity.

In both cases the nail went in through the heel. Two cases so far apart would appear to show that the Turin Shroud is a fake. It has the nail in the front of the foot thus it is copying from the crucifixes of the time. Jesus would not have been allowed a shroud either for that was too dignifying for a man accused of a state crime.

The New Testament incredibly does not say Jesus was nailed to the cross.  John's Jesus has marks in his hands according to Thomas.  But Thomas may have assumed he was nailed.  And the Jesus is a vision not necessarily the real version of Jesus.  The apostles apart from supposedly John were not even there.  Pilate's surprise at Jesus dying so fast as Mark relates, might indicate that that he was merely tied and should have lasted longer.

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