Christianity and Judaism pretend they are not religions of blind faith which is an admission that such faith is not desirable or good. Islam does not give a toss. The second largest world religion and it has a jigsaw puzzle of conjectures instead of a theology! That should warn us about putting our faith in religion.

Muhammad did no miracles to prove that he was a prophet. Though Jesus presented miracles as evidence and that was a mistake or trick it was not as bad as doing absolutely NOTHING!

So this religion of Islam cuts the hands off thieves, persecutes those who try to make converts from it, tramples upon women and murders adulterers by stoning them to death and for what? For assumptions! Their courts tell them that you need to be very sure of being right before you can do things like that and they cannot be even half sure.

Their scripture the Quran, has not taken in this attitude.

Sura 1 says that unbelievers will be punished and that warning them is no good for God has sealed them to exclude the truth from their minds. He causes their unbelief.

Muslims and their defenders (page 177, The Light Shineth in Darkness) would say that God is too good to do such a thing and that people blind themselves so God takes the grace away from them because they do not want it. People blind themselves and God who holds all things in being causes them to do so by keeping them in existence so that they can freely do it so God does it in that sense but it is not his fault.

But wait. The Quran has not even said yet that God is creator. And this is the start of the book for it says that this book is not to be doubted in the first line. That means there is no reason for taking the nice interpretation so the nasty one that says that God deliberately makes people disbelieve so that he can punish is correct. Further evidence for this is, is in the fact that there was no need to say they were hardened by God. The verse is about hardening not creating - beings harden themselves. The verse teaches predestination, the notion that God makes some people choose salvation and others damnation. Now why would anybody write a book that says God did something bad while meaning something different when they could say that it was people not him?

Islam may deny the Christian slander that babies are born guilty of sin on account of Adam (page 20, Understanding Islam) but it replaces it with predestination which is not any better. The religion says that it is because man is not God who is supreme and upon whom all things depend that man has to be predestined and to deny predestination is to say that God does not know the future (page 14, Understanding Islam). The Quran teaches that these reasons for predestination are correct (Understanding Islam, page 68). But when God is outside time he can know the future because it is present to him and not because he programs what it will be like. And God holding all things in being is compatible with the view that God has made some beings freely able to go against him. He gives them freedom but he does not program their choices.

God could offer us grace and light that we refuse to see but that does not mean he should remove them if we refuse them. This is not against our freedom. Better to give light to a person so that nobody can say it might have been your fault if they never change. Once the light is removed it is not their fault if they disbelieve and do wrong but if the light is there and they won’t look it is their fault. When any book says that God cuts off grace it means it. We all have light we don't like seeing so God has no need to cease supplying us with spiritual light.

The Islamic God cannot be trusted. The Moslem cannot really believe God for God might be deluding him. Islam does not like self-righteous hypocrisy but yet the Moslem will end up saying: “I am good and holy therefore Allah would not deceive me. He will only blind me if I want to be blinded”. With all our faults we could not say such a thing! Allah commanded humility.

When faith is not a revelation from God to the Muslim or something that God causes in him or her the Muslim is believing Muhammad and not God. He or she is looking at God the way Muhammad tells him or her to look and is not looking for God as he is.

The pagans are taken to task for believing in guesses for which there is no evidence (6:148). But the Muslims are doing the same thing. They have no evidence that the Quran is from God and that Muhammad was a prophet just like the pagans only assume that their scriptures and prophets have divine authority. The Quran commands many things that reason cannot support or which are above reason so the Muslim cannot contend that his book is from God for reason says so and that is all it says stands the test of reason.

Sunni Muslims believe that they may go to Hell for a while and Muhammad will pray for them to God so that they will be released sooner. This implies that one prayer by Muhammad is not enough though quality is better than quantity. This also implies that God is imperfect and needs to be influenced by Muhammad to do the right thing which is blasphemy. The canonical prayers which are said towards the Kaaba are the most important practice in Islam (page 15, Understanding Islam). Understanding that one prayer is enough this is ridiculous. It denigrates the fact that there are better works. It denigrates good works.


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THE WEB – these sites have been consulted in my research
The site I want attention drawn to is Answering Islam Home Page. It’s strength is that it proves that the Quran is just a human book with errors and that the current Quran is not the one that Muhammad would have said is the word of God while it gives Muslim theologians and scholars a hearing. The Quran is not the word of God made text.

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