Christians say God asks us never to ignore the plight of the famine stricken and he gives us the grace to do what he asks.  So if there are people starving in the desert it is our fault.  That is murder by negligence.  If they have supernatural help and are not using it they are the worst murderers of us all.

If I am sure that taking someone’s medicine out of their grasp will kill them as surely as poison would then I am murdering that person. Some would say that I am not because death need not result but I am. I mean for that person to die for if I did not I would try to help so if the person dies I become a murderer. If I am not a murderer, then to stab a person to death is not killing them for they don’t have to die- there is a chance they could survive. There would be no such crime as murder. A murderer is a person who tries to kill or kills and who intended to kill. I am more of a killer for not feeding the poor in Africa for that guarantees death than I would be for firing a gun for the victim might survive.
Killing people is as bad as allowing people to die for the reason killing is bad is because it results in death.

Is it murder to have and keep what we have while the poor – particularly in Africa - die of starvation and disease caused by malnutrition?

Religion says that it is not for we have a greater reason to hold on to our money. But then it says that human life is absolutely valuable – just another mask it puts on for the traditions of the Church and the Bible, God is believed to have written the Bible through men, are full of commands that make it a duty to slaughter murderers and heretics. The Church says that it is better to suffer horrifically when you are dying instead of being sent on your way. It puts life above the alleviation of suffering.

Some say it is not murder because there is no malice but indifference. But indifference is malice for it is refusing to love. It is crueller than plain malice. The person who hates you will care about you to some extent. The person who neither loves or hates you does not care what happens to you. The person who kills because he does not care is as much a murderer as the one who cares about killing you.

Some say that it is too hard and heroic to sacrifice yourself and your property to save others so it is not murder if you refuse to do it. But we don’t love our wealth all the time. And also, it is murder to kill a person even if it is hard not to kill them. It is hard not impossible. What could be more heroic than to put God first in all things the way Jesus commanded? Christianity has a double-standard in relation to heroism. The Sermon on the Mount has Jesus demanding very difficult standards of morality and he says he doesn’t compromise for you have to be either for him or against him.

Some even say that when you go out and stab somebody to death you know who you killed but if you let the missions starve it is different for you don't know who died so it is not murder! But you can be a murderer if nobody knows you have killed or who you have killed. Your inaction kills and that makes you a murderer even if nobody can point to a person and say you murdered him or her.
Some say that you break no law by starving the poor so you are not a murderer if they die. But law is only a human construct. You still caused deaths and the law of right and wrong exists regardless of whether or not there is a human law making a prohibition. Today many believers regard executioners as murderers though they don’t know who they have killed and though they kill in obedience to human law.
Others say that I did not cause the starving and that people would be starving if I never existed. But I am causing the starving by not doing all I can about it. People would be starving if I never existed but since I exist I should be making sure they are better off because I existed.

Some say that you don’t know what will be done with the money you donate so you are not blame if anybody dies because you did not give. Then give yourself and your life and your time and work among the people. Set up a charity that can prove that money saves lives.

Many of these excuses for saying we are not murderers for allowing the starving to die are in the Utilitarian Peter Singer’s book, Practical Ethics, Second Edition (Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 1993). The alleged differences between killing the starving by neglect and murder “need not shake our previous conclusion that there is no intrinsic difference between killing and allowed to die” (page 224). How wrong he is. He is just telling lies to get of the undesirable implications of the truth. He is really approving of murder. Imagine how unjust then it is for the likes of him to condemn the killer who goes around stabbing people to death!

It is hypocritical to say that it is not our duty to save the starving with our money because it is our duty to do what is best. If we deny that we deny that there is such a thing as right and wrong. The notion of good acts above the call of duty does that. The Church says that though we say we own things on earth we actually do not. Everything is God’s property. Would God then want you to have £1000 in the bank and not give it to the poor as if keeping it was more important than human life? Christ said in the Sermon on the Mount that if a man takes what you need from you let him take more than that.

The Roman Catholic believes that nobody can enter Heaven or Purgatory while adhering to mortal sin, or if you prefer, grave or serious sin. The only place for them is in the Hell of never-ending torment. The Church lays on us the duty to correct all mortal sinners for leaving anyone in it is a mortal sin. I think what comes next is the most effective proof that Roman Catholicism is nourished by self-deception.

Protestantism holds that conversion to Christ reduces sin so it is as bad for not doing a better job of reaching sinners.

Murder is just one mortal sin. It is a mortal to do anything that unjustifiably leads to the death of another. The biggest sins we commit are sins of omission. For example, we spend money on comforts that should be spent on those who need it more, whose lives may even depend on it. We have no excuse for God has promised to take care of all who make great sacrifices for the poor (Matthew 6:31-34). He would be malign if he did not. So we are all murderers. We could live on very little money and sleep in a shed in order to send what is left to the poor.

Christendom’s approval of our murderous negligence towards the starving is unadulterated hypocrisy and is the kind of doctrine that makes murderers. The clergy of Rome and the daughter churches cruelly prefer building ornate and extravagant houses of worship to giving the money this makes to the starving or to spend it on ways to raise funds. Any charity the Church fosters is really an insult compared to what it could do. It looks more like an attempt to keep people loyal to her and to keep tongues from wagging than anything resembling true concern for those dying on starvation or easily curable diseases. The Church needs to look good. She shows her talk about the value of the person to be hot air. She says that the person is a temple of God. Would a good God really prefer a temple of wood and stone to one of flesh and blood? The bad record of the Church is an encouragement and an inspiration to those who make themselves think that she is right even when she is wrong and who revel in her evil. The ways of the Church has worked untold damage and corruption with its bad example.
The hypocrisy of the Church and its defiance of the Sermon on the Mount shows that the miracles and apparitions it brags about must be from Satan for they praise the Church. They invite people to holy communion which is only for people who are clean from serious sin indicating their approval for the accepted hypocrisy of the Church.
Christians say that life is so precious that euthanasia is wrong. If life is so precious that nobody should kill you to save you from a lifetime of screaming and suffering then how can they let doctors give painkillers to dying patients that will make them die quicker? If life matters most then we have no right to put the eradication of pain first. They are hypocrites. They let you murder the famine striken but if you need death to save you from hell on earth they forbid it to you!

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