M-theory seeks to unify different theories of what the universe basically is. This ties in with ideas of where the universe came from and does it need a divine energy source to make it.

It is hated by religionists for it threatens God by ignoring him and making him surplus.

Hawking stated that the M-theory model is a good one because it is elegant, has few arbitrary or adjustable elements, it is not contradicted by anything we know or observe, it helps us make predictions and if they come true they will help show the theory to be correct (page 56, God and Stephen Hawking). What more then should we ask for? You cannot make predictions based on the God concept. For example, people pray for things and do not get what they asked for. Trying to make predictions is even described as the sin of putting God to the test. God then cannot ever be a scientific theory. Yet the idea of God poses as one so it cheats us.

M-theory is neither refutable or irrefutable because it is not testable (page 53).

Being irrefutable makes it harder to get at the truth. If something is refutable then you know it is not the truth.

Being irrefutable is a vice because it robs people of the respect due to them. People have a right to the truth.

Being irrefutable is a vice because it leads people astray logically and misleads them in matters of truth. People who have false dangerous beliefs are content when the beliefs are irrefutable and that is a harmful attitude to have.

Many stances and beliefs are irrefutable even though they disagree with one another. Being irrefutable does them no good whatsoever because they can't all be true. Being irrefutable is only good when the thing that cannot be refuted is the truth. Otherwise it is dangerous. Being irrefutable does not help you when you have several statements and all of them are believable but only one of them is the truth. It is not truth's friend then.

The Christian says, "It is better to believe that God made the universe than to believe that M-theory explains how the universe came to exist without God. God is irrefutable so why not believe? Hawking needs to realise that believers in God are rational because God has never been refuted."

So being irrefutable is a vice except for God? That is brazen!

M-theory is understandable, God is not. There is no mathematician who can explain the maths of God. Religion describes God as incomprehensible. Without being able to prove that a spirit can be a mind, religionists simply assume that God is a mind. And they have the nerve to call that philosophy and reason.

It is not true that God is irrefutable. But leave that aside.

People think they are rational when they believe something just because it is irrefutable. The first problem is that just because something cannot be disproven that does not mean it is sensible to believe it. Evidence should be presented. Only that justifies belief.

If x makes predictions that come true like M-theory then if there is a choice between choosing it and some other irrefutable idea then choose it.

Being irrefutable is bad generally. But it is made worse by positing a belief in God. That is to say, to have irrefutable supernatural beliefs is worse than to have irrefutable natural beliefs. Why?

Belief in the supernatural worsens the vice of being irrefutable both in terms of the truth cost and the people cost. For example, say there are only two suspects for a murder. Say the role of neither of them can be refuted. This irrefutability is bad for it does not defend the innocent person and in addition does not demonstrate the guilt of the murderer. That is all terrible enough. But if you decide that the devil might have committed the murder or some witch did it at a distance with occult powers that makes it worse. Such suggestions are wicked. But if they are beliefs and not suggestions again the evil is multiplied. The believer in miracles is not a good person even if they intend to be good. Is a bad doctor who means well a good doctor? No.

If God exists, then God asks us to make him the centre of our lives and hearts and to make him our only real concern. Thus God should be the most irrefutable idea ever. But it is not ...

God not being irrefutable enough indicates that there is no God. No indicates isn't the right word. The right word is proves. God not being irrefutable enough proves that there is no God.

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