Religion can motivate people to commit crimes

Nobody likes war and giving their lives so what makes religious terrorists kill and even throw away their own lives? Something gets them to traverse their nature into the bedlam. Lone terrorists in the name of religion can carry out atrocities without any human “moral” support - a sense of doing it for others and feeling encouraged by your connection to them. They get this support from God. If religion intrinsically leads some members to violence that is THE reason for that religion not to exist and so the members should leave. It is the principle. It is also the consequences. Cherry-picking does nothing to fix these problems. It adds hypocrisy to the problem. Hypocrisy cannot fix anything but only looks as if it does and then disaster happens. A hypocrite might unleash trouble because of the religion or because they are a hypocrite or both reasons. If a religion really believes in freedom of religion it will welcome support networks to help people to leave the religion should it be untrue or not a great moral guide. I make no apology for suggesting Christians and Muslims should leave their religion over the violence commanded in the scriptures by “God”. If they don’t go they lose any moral right or credibility when they speak against terrorism.


Catholicism has no business claiming that there is no room for violence in Islam or Catholicism. The sacred books of the Catholics and the Muslims preach violence and it is a matter for interpreters to decide for themselves if they want us to be violent today.


People think they always need to be motivated to do x to do x but doing x without a motivation will lead to a motivation.  So it follows that religion telling people to kill can lead them to kill even without a motivation.  Then they will develop a motivation but that motivation can surpass any evil commanded by the religion.  A bad motivation grows legs and can spiral out of control.


Religion can be a sufficient motivation for people to commit crimes. For example, the devout Catholic can decide to carry out a suicide bombing on a brothel or abortion clinic to save people from mortal sin. There is a difference between saving a person from mortal sin and saving them from Hell though you need to be guilty of mortal sin to go to Hell. The person who sees mortal sin as a terrible evil could kill to stop it. But the Church says that the killing would be a mortal sin itself. That is hard to accept hypothetically. What if you needed to commit a mortal sin to save others from mortal sin? This is hypothetical but it still makes you an extremist inside, an extremist in principle.


Even if it is a mortal sin to kill to stop mortal sins happening, you cannot really blame a person for feeling different. You cannot really blame a woman who has an abortion to save her life even if it is wrong.


For the Catholic the greatest evil is not Hell but mortal sin. For the judiciary, the greatest evil is the crime not the punishment and so it is with Catholicism.


The Catholic must fight every mortal sin or anything that invites people to sin that way. That is an added burden on them. It is bad enough when they have to believe that mortal sin is so horrendous but their believing that it leads to Hell makes it worse.


Most Christians do not aggressively militate against sin. They obviously do not really believe in Hell at all. They only pretend they do. But sometimes they want to believe in it. They like the idea of evil people going to Hell when these people hurt them. Thus they cloak their vindictiveness in the robes of false virtue.


Christians, when pressed, cannot tell you if there is a difference between declaring somebody responsible for the bad things in their lives or blaming the person for the mess. So how could they really love the sinner and hate the sin?


"What won’t kill you makes you stronger" encourages people to think they are doing you a favour by hurting you. And even more so if you see God's grace as part of the strengthening process!


A religion that motivates you to hypocrisy, lies and evil necessarily motivates you to crime too.

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