Only a Few Will Go to Jesus' Heaven
The Bible, the book God supposedly wrote, says that most people will go to the place of torment, Hell, that never ends when they die and there is nothing they can do about it once they get there.  Jesus wrote nothing but commissioned others to write and said he would ensure it was the truth.  So if the apostles and New Testament say it is hard to go to Heaven then that is true.

Some say today that Hell is empty or near-empty. This does not fit St Paul's fear that having a clear conscience like him has nothing at all to do with showing you are right with God and acquitted for sins.   You could have sins you do not see or maybe you do not see that your repentance is fake.  Paul feared being a reject. 

Jesus when asked if many would be saved said that few are chosen for salvation though many are called.  That was a way of saying no.  The whole context of the Bible and the tradition he spoke in shows he meant it.

Paul says he aims to be all to all men to save some of them.  Not all will be saved even if Paul preaches to all.

They say the Devil is there but nobody else but if you read Revelation 20:10 and 20:15 it is clear that people were found to have their names absent from the book of life and thus were thrown into Hell. Jesus said in Matthew 10:28 that you must not fear those who can kill your body but the one who can kill your body and soul in Hell.  Is this him Satan? In Matthew 10:25, 26 speaks of Satan and his demons and advises his disciples to place no fear in them.  God then is the one who kills body and soul in Gehenna and is to be feared.  With that picture of God, he might be capable of throwing you in prison forever. The word apollumi means ruin or lose but not necessarily extinction. In 2 Peter 3:6-9 it refers to the earth being wrecked by the flood. That did not mean annihilation or anything like that.
Most people will be damned forever for their sins. This is hardly surprising when the book of Ecclesiastes says that laughing (2:1) and everything we do below the sun is pointless and just vanity (1:2). Vanity is a sin. The book does not mean that all human works are useless – even sin has its uses - it means that they are nothing to be proud of in the final analysis for there is no real goodness in them just pride. Even the humble person must be proud of his humility.
The teaching of holiness has been abandoned by virtually the entire Christian Church. Holy means separate – keeping away from what or whoever is unclean and doing it for God. In the Jewish law, the Jews were commanded to avoid unclean things no matter what. Jesus in Mark 7 said that a man was made unclean by his intentions and his will. So you are not to have anything to do with sinners. But we all do. We go to weddings of unrepentant people who lived in sin first.

It is not surprising that the Bible says that the vast majority of our works are sinful (Romans 3) and makes no distinction between sins that deserve eternal punishing and those that don’t. Roman Catholicism has made such a distinction but it is arbitrary and not in the Bible. The Bible against Catholicism says that all sin merits the endless agonies of Hell. Thus the Catholic Church is a dangerous form of Christianity in Bible eyes. Also, the Bible says that nobody is perfectly righteous at any moment in this life and all sin at some level (1 John 1:8). And it says that if you sin all your works will be sins until you repent even if they are good works (James 3:9,12).

Paul said that many will receive the salvation won by Jesus (Romans 5:15,19). But many can mean anything. If salvation is very unlikely and a thousand make it that is many. It's as many as can be expected. He didn’t say most and he didn’t say all. That is very important. We must not forget that Paul didn’t have that many converts at that time and he was ready for the second coming any minute. His many must be understood in that context. He chose to use that word for he didn’t know what else to use. It was the most neutral word he could use. Did he mean that many of his converts would be saved? Then it follows that a small number would be saved.
Romans 8 says that anybody who has the spirit of God is a son of God. This means Christians for there is no hint that it can be any other kind of people. And the real Christians are as uncommon as papal offspring. There are millions of Christian denominations and every one claims to have the correct Christian faith and that every other group is in error. When Paul said that even Christians will not be saved from sin and death if Jesus has not risen he is saying that sincerity is no good at all and people have to have the right gospel to be saved meaning that salvation is only for a handful.

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