If I am good,

I will not be happy to enjoy my expensive dinner while others starve.

I will not rejoice in giving money to the Church while the poor languish.


I will not respect any religion or version of God that holds that God has commanded violence even if he is a God of peace now.

My happiness should necessarily be tied up with how happy others are.


The list could no on and on.  Few people are truly good.

It is vitally important to realise that the assertion that most people are good is sheer nonsense and a deliberate lie.
People feel a need to tell themselves and others this lie because the alternative is frightening.
We pave the way for harm by doing little or nothing to improve society. Most people though able would not do much about abortion laws coming in even if abortion is very wrong and cruel and murderous. They are more likely to be talking about a new brand of coffee on Facebook than blogging to stop abortion and acceptance of abortion. So must people bring harm and evil in by doing little about it and they are in a way going with the flow. And we must remember that we do not know most people - we only guess that we do. The decent person may be in reality a sneaky thief who sleeps easily in his bed despite lying and cheating through life. The minority of people who do bad and are exposed for it in fact do less harm than the passive people who let evil grow.
The reality is that most people turn the key to let evil into their society. They may dislike the evil but they still embrace it. An example is how they may feel awful about the gossip they read in papers and yet they condone it by buying the papers.
Turning the evil to let evil in is bad enough in a secular atheist society.
But at least the members of that society will not be complacent before their God and telling themselves how worthy they are to pray to him and get favours from him and how worthy they are to read in Church and parade up and down the aisle. Religion puts an extra sanction on the evil already sanctioned by society.
Religion may say it condemns those who by sins of omission let evil thrive and grow and rest unchallenged. But it is not words that count but the reality. A religion is not working if most of its followers are the same as the rest of society. If God really sets up a religion to have a relationship with people and help them grow it will show.
Religion makes the problem worse for a humanistic society will see things that hurt others as wrong but religion worries about extra things such as hurting God and corrupting the faith (usually a serious of dogmas and guesses) and has a pile of strange sins. For example, it is a sin for a Catholic priest to use water instead of wine in the Eucharist. Religion should be discarded.
The argument that a religion should not be challenged for there are good people in it is nonsense. Really good people are challengers - period. They will give it and take it.


Many believers think that as God is so mighty and great no sin we commit is really that bad.  In his eyes sins hardly count at all for he is so much bigger than them and infinitely good.  A lot of believers claim they take sin seriously but they seem to be lying.  Their actions betray them.  Their attitude is understandable which is why belief in God is to be blamed for making it understandable.

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