"Jesus observed all of the [Jewish] Law" Dave Armstrong, The One Minute Apologist, Sophia Institute Press, Manchester, New Hampshire, 2007

Reading the Old and New Testaments clearly shows that the Torah, the Law of Moses, the first five books of the Bible, is the lynchpin of the religion of Judaism and Christianity. The apostles said that the Old Testament which has the Law at its centre is more reliable even than the miracle of the Son of God being transfigured and made glorious (2 Peter 1:19). Jesus said that the Law is far more reliable than any miracle and even a saint rising from the dead with a message (Luke 16:31). In saying that, they condemn themselves for the Law is totally evil and vicious and demands that adulterers and gays and heretics be stoned to death. It says it in the name of God who it pretends is its author.

The biggest problem is that Moses and his God stated that a prophet who makes predictions that come true but who makes one mistake is a fake and not from God (Deuteronomy 18) obviously implying that to be considered a true prophet you have to predict the future right all the time while Moses himself never made any good prophecy. Hypocrite or what?

This evil personage who never proved his own right to be called a prophet was the one who decreed in the name of God that sons who would not obey their parents should be legally stoned to death. The excuse Christians give to get around that is that the law would never have been carried out. But when the same Torah commands many other terrible things such as slaughtering anybody who wants to follow another God why not? The fact is the law still says that such conduct is right and who carried the law out or not has nothing to do with it. Anyway, the suggestion that the law was never obeyed is useless speculation. When the Jews stoned gays to death at God’s behest why would the law not have been obeyed? The fundies are saying it is more natural to want to kill gays and that heterosexuals are too nice to kill their offspring!

The person is absolutely valuable because we take it for granted that persons should be made happy and persons cannot then be less important than happiness. This slams the capital punishment laws of the Bible plus Jesus walking into his own death on purpose as evil.

The Law even tolerates the murder of a person for manslaughter under strict conditions (Numbers 35). The relation of the dead person is permitted to do it. Even if this were not evil it could be allowed only through the usual legal channels such as trials and convictions and letting the avenger work only under close supervision and should be. The Law contradicts itself here for it said that we must not commit murder.

God in Exodus 21 tells us that a slave is his master’s property and the Church says he only means that the slave is legally property but not morally or in the eyes of God. It means the slave is the master’s property in God’s eyes as well as legally because the same section commands that a man who hits his slave so hard that the slave dies two days later is not to be punished. This is clearly stating that the master is some sort of superior being just because he has money and power for some kind of punishment should have been decreed. It is clearly stating that God approves of slavery when he approves of the fascist thinking behind it. If God really opposed slavery he would have mitigated the laws relating to it.

God does not want disfigured people to serve as priests (Leviticus 21). The reason is that they will make God’s sanctuary unclean. But if God is there how can it be made unclean or dirty merely by a clean person who has deformity or lost a limb? God’s lack of compassion for the afflicted is striking.

Exodus 34 enjoins disrespect for other religions. Israel was told by God to smash their altars and statues in case Israel would start worshipping other gods. Israel was not to tolerate people like that or to make peace with them. The “in case” is the most important part of the nasty bits. (It shows that the same must hold true for Christians today for Jesus said that we must adore God only or with all our hearts.) Here we have God commanding evil and cruelty over what has shown no signs of happening yet. He is paranoid. It would have been less cruel if he had seen that the people were going to join in the false worship first, verse 37 makes it clear that all this has been sanctioned by God. These days material things like computers are more likely to be a temptation to idolatry than statues ever were to the Israelites so Christians are under obligation to smash them all up.

One of God’s mistakes was to say that pigs are unclean to eat. They are not if they are prepared carefully. The Christians reply that pigs were banned because they were sacred to the pagans surrounding the land of Israel. But God never said that. They do not accept excuses like that when non-Christian scriptures lay down silly taboos.

Exodus 24 says that Israel saw God on Sinai. Christians say this means that they saw a representation of God for nobody could see God himself and live (Exodus 33:20). If God could not show himself to people without killing them then God is not all-powerful. Anyway, Exodus says they saw God and not an image of God and that is that.

Exodus 7:8-13,22; 8:3 says that God permitted the magicians of Egypt to perform miracles to show that their gods should be worshipped and were as good as the God of Moses. The God of Moses and these Gods were in competition to find something the other couldn't do. Exodus says they were real miracles. If they were tricks, the magicians would have been able to produce gnats but they were not (8:14). The miracles were real for the Gods of Egypt were able to turn water into blood like God was able to. The Gods couldn't duplicate some of the miracles of God so God won the contest. He proved that his miracle powers were better than theirs and so that he should be worshipped not them. Even if the Gods lost, they still did enough to prove they could do miracles. They still showed that they were Gods.
The God of the Torah asked people to kill and die for him yet he offered no evidence for his teaching when other gods could duplicate his miracles. His miracles don’t support his claims when he allowed ones that support false doctrine to be done. The God of the Torah commanded some strange things so it is no use to say that when a miracle supports reasonable teaching that it must be from God. Moreover, the gods of Egypt could have existed. The message is plain: don’t expect reasons or evidence from God but just do what he says no matter how terrible it sounds. Yet Moses and his followers claimed the right to disapprove of other religions having that attitude towards their blood drinking gods.

God decreed that if you slept with a betrothed woman both of you were to be stoned to death unless she was a slave. The Church says that the reason her being a slave made a difference was that her master needed her. But if that were so then God would have ruled that she would be stoned if the master consented. Plus women were stoned for adultery despite their children needing them. God clearly thought that sex outside marriage was degrading but that it was not so bad to degrade a slave girl.

So the Law of Moses is the word of God then? Whatever next? Will Mein Kampf be declared the word of God too??

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