In Catholic doctrine, mortal sin is a serious sin that rejects God and cuts off friendship with him and which will take you to everlasting damnation in Hell. Venial sin is sin that is not as bad as that and only breaks with God a bit.
The Church says that God gave us all we have so we owe him devotion with our entire being. We are like married to God and to sin seriously is adultery for adultery does serious damage to a relationship. The commandment of God that we are to prefer nothing and nobody and not even ourselves to him but are to love him with all our heart and soul and mind and being is behind this rationale.
God would hate sin infinitely because he is all good – his goodness is infinite. He can only be good to the degree that he hates sin which is unlimitedly. Therefore venial sin cannot exist. Catholic morality then is hypocrisy. Catholics are pretending to be acceptable on the basis that their sins are not as serious as they actually are. Protestants reject the doctrine that venial sin is not a complete break with God. Venial sin is not in the Bible. For Protestants, all sin is mortal.
The Church says that even if you commit one discreet act of adultery or miss mass on a Sunday you commit mortal sin. A system that says that and then that many venials which do more harm do not add up to mortal sin knows nothing of justice or making sense. It is a religion that is about law not goodness.
The Church says that a young boy may die after masturbating which is a serious sin and go to Hell. This is an appalling doctrine. The priests teach this message and represent it. If God is responsible for this message, they are still responsible too and saying that they agree with the boy going to Hell. They have stolen the moral authority they have taken.
Paul wrote that nobody can be saved by works of the law of God and by obeying it and believing it as it commands for all it does is reveal what sin is in Romans 3. It is not for getting you into Heaven. Even the Sadducee Jews who believed that most sins were venial couldn't be saved or right with God. The Catholic teaching of venial sin contradicts the Bible and means the Church is telling people. they won't go to Hell when they will. And the reason is that all sin is mortal.

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